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Bio-Based Leather Market

Bio-Based Leather Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2021-2031

Bio-Based Leather Market: Overview

The growing awareness about using sustainable products among a considerable chunk of the populace will serve as a vital growth factor for the bio-based leather market during the forecast period of 2021-2031. The growing demand for cruelty-free leather is also expected to bring substantial growth for the bio-based leather market.

The use of bio-based leathers in various applications such as footwear, furnishing, vehicle door panels, dashboards, rear selves, seat covers, head rests, steering cover, clothing, sports, bags, wallets, electronics, and others will bring tremendous growth opportunities for the global market.

The rising awareness about the harms of animal cruelty has led many industries and sectors to adopt bio-based leathers on a large scale. Deriving leather is not just harmful for animals but it is also dangerous for the planet in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Association, animal agriculture, which includes wool and leather production, are responsible for nearly 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. These statistics press the need for alternative leather materials. Thus, these aspects will have a profound impact on the growth of the bio-based leather market.

How is the Competitive Scenario of Bio-Based Leather Market?

The bio-based leather market is highly fragmented. The players are involved in intense research and development activities. These activities help derive novel formulations and strategies that lead to the creation of new techniques and sources for producing bio-based leathers. They help boost the revenues, ultimately contributing to the growth of the bio-based leather market.

Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships form an important part of the bio-based leather market growth trajectory. These activities help cement the foothold of the bio-based leather market, eventually increasing the growth rate.

Some key players in the bio-based leather market are Bolt Threads Inc., ECCO Leather, Tjeerd Veenhoven studio, Nat-2, Ultrafabrics, VEGEA, and Fruitleather Rotterdam.

What are Key Trends in Bio-Based Leather Market?

Rising Demand for Pinatex as Feasible Alternative to Traditional Leather will Serve as Prominent Growth Generator

The vital sources of bio-based leathers are cork, leftover fruits, pineapple, and mushroom. Among all the sources, pineapple may emerge as a preferred source of obtaining bio-based leather. Pineapple is abundantly grown across numerous regions around the globe. Pinatex is made from the waste generated from the pineapple harvesting process. It has leather-like qualities and is apt for making boots, watches, and others. The rising demand for Pinatex is expected to attract extensive growth for the bio-based leather market.

Footwear Industry to Invite Substantial Growth for Bio-Based Leathers Market

Bio-based leathers are gaining considerable momentum in the footwear industry. Many footwear companies are blending polymer resins with bio-based leathers for manufacturing durable footwear. Research is being carried out by footwear companies to develop 100% biodegradable products. These factors will serve as growth accelerators for the bio-based leather market. Furthermore, plant-based leathers have nearly 40 times less carbon impact than traditional leather. This aspect will invite extensive growth for the bio-based leather market.

For instance, Nike recently partnered with Ananas Anam, a Pinatex developing company to introduce a new sneaker collection that’s plant-based. Such developments bode well for the growth of the bio-based leather market.

What are Regional Dimensions of Bio-Based Leather Market?

The bio-based leather market in Europe is extrapolated to observe a dominating stance during the forecast period. The fashion industry in Europe is adopting biodegradable products on a large scale including footwear and bags to reduce the carbon footprint. This factor will have a large impact on the growth of the bio-based leather market in Europe. Asia Pacific is also prognosticated to witness rapid growth. The growing awareness about environmental conservation in the region may serve as a growth booster.

Bio-Based Leather Market

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