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Fluoropolymers Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2010 - 2017



The global fluoropolymer market study offers a complete package of trends, forecasts and analysis of this industry. Fluoropolymers render water resistance, electrical insulation, and ease of mechanical manipulation - all of which are desired characteristics in a variety of applications. The report drills down into the global fluoropolymer market with meticulous analyses of each product and application type. This study was also carried out with the aim of identifying opportunities that lie within the fluoropolymer market. Currently, most business opportunities in this market remain largely concentrated in the industrial repair and maintenance sector, where the various physical attributes of fluoropolymers prove useful.

The report makes it possible for companies in this market to zero in on the best growth strategy thanks to a heightened awareness of their competitive landscape, regulatory environment, business risk projections, and market growth indicators. The report studies the value chain of the global fluoropolymers market, providing recommendations for forward integration where applicable. Porter’s five forces model analysis further gives users a bird’s eye view of the anticipated competitive scenario, threat from substitutes and bargaining power of suppliers and buyers in the worldwide fluoropolymer market.
Overview of the global fluoropolymers market

Fluoropolymers can be classified as a polymeric resin. These olefinic polymers are comprised of olefinic monomers like tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and vinylidene fluoride. Fluoropolymers are derived as a result of some, or all, hydrogen atoms from the polymer chain being replaced by fluorine. The resulting polymer-fluoropolymer-boasts various attributes such as excellent electrical insulation, ease in mechanical handling, and chemical resistance. Some other specialty fluoropolymers, which find wide-ranging uses include: fluorosilicones, perfluoroethers, and fluoroacrylates.

This material is also resistant to the vitriolic properties of acids, besides being resistant to bases and solvents. Another vital attribute of fluoropolymers is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures - this makes them the material of choice in a number of outdoor applications.

All of these chemical and physical characteristics have made fluoropolymers a much-sought-after material in applications such as industrial maintenance, cable and wire manufacturing, coatings, aircraft and vehicle manufacturing.

The fluoropolymer value chain comprises a number of raw materials and specialized manufacturing processes. Some materials that prominently feature in the fluoropolymer manufacturing value chain are: ethylene, fluorspar, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, and fluorocarbons. While new precedents are being set as far as novel applications of fluoropolymers go, the global fluoropolymer market has, all the same, been battling a few barriers. For instance, supply constraints and soaring manufacturing costs have been a cause for worry among companies operating in the fluoropolymer market. Raw materials such as fluorspar—a natural mineral—have a high demand not just from the fluoropolymer market, but also from other markets such as ceramics, glass, aluminum, and more. This competition in the procurement of certain raw materials stresses the demand-supply dynamics of the worldwide fluoropolymer market.

This report also studies the abundance of opportunities that exist in the global market for fluoropolymers. Fluoropolymers have UV-ray-blocking properties which have promoted the use of this material in additives. Fluoropolymers reduce the need for re-coating thanks to their long-lasting properties - this attribute has further stoked their demand in the industrial and infrastructure maintenance sector. 

Over the forecast period of this report, the Asia-Pacific fluoropolymers market is projected to record the fastest growth rate.

By function and type, fluoropolymers can be broadly classified as: PVDF, PTFE, FEP, and others.

By application, the fluoropolymers market can be segmented as: industrial equipment, aircraft and automotive, electronics and electrical, and chemicals.

Companies mentioned in the fluoropolymer market report:

Market leaders profiled in this study include, but are not limited to: DuPont, Solvay, Daikin, Dyneon, and Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers.

Geographies analyzed under this research report:
  • Europe
  • North America 
  • Asia Pacific 
  • Rest of the World 
This report gives you access to decisive data such as:
  • Market growth drivers 
  • Factors limiting market growth
  • Current market trends 
  • Market structure
  • Market projections for the coming years 
Key highlights of this report:
  • Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth 
  • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements in the micro servers industry
  • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge
  • An analysis of strategies of major competitors 
  • An array of graphics and SWOT analysis of major industry segments 
  • Detailed analyses of industry trends
  • A well-defined technological growth map with an impact-analysis 
  • Offers a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

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