Wireless headphones are an audio output device with in-built speakers. Wireless headphones have Bluetooth and NFC connectivity technology through which it gets connected to devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, streaming media players, and various other devices. Wireless headphones work with radio frequency technology and some of the products have an effective range up to 100 feet in an open field area. Several of them come with nickel-cadmium battery and others have in-built battery which consumers have to charge through USB cable. Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries cannot be charged in the headphones; they have to be recharged separately.

Migration of rural people to urban areas increases the urban population; this has resulted in enhanced usage of technological products. Increasing penetration of smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, streaming media players, smart TVs, etc. have resulted in the buying of more wireless headphones. Growth in disposable income has resulted in people spending more on technological products. Growing popularity of bluetooth connected wireless earphones due to their ability to sync with smartphones perfectly has driven the demand for wireless earphones. Change in lifestyles resulting in people using wireless headphones and other gadgets are responsible for driving the demand and adoption of wireless headphones. Increasing adoption of sports and fitness wireless headphones by athletes and sportspersons has led to growth in demand for the product. People are now becoming more health conscious due to which they are enrolling in health programs and weight loss programs. They like to listen to music through wireless headphones as wired headphones may become a hindrance during the workout sessions.

Sportspersons and athletes are demanding biometric headphones as these headphones track heart rate fluctuations, running and fitness metrics, calories burned, and distance covered with time limit. Growing focus of youth on fitness and wellness and the launch of new sports and fitness wireless headphones are expected to drive the adoption of wireless headphones. Manufacturers are developing and innovating wireless headphones to make them more advanced and small in size. Rowkin LLC, a U.S. based manufacturer has made the world’s smallest wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones do not have any wire compared to wired headphones. Wired headphones get tangled and leads to breakage of the wire. These are some of the advantages of wireless headphones which can increase the demand for the product in the global market. 

However, wireless headphones have some disadvantages which can impact their demand. These headphones have limited battery life and need frequent recharge. 

The global wireless headphones market can be segmented based on product type, price range, end-user, application, distribution channel, and region. Based on product type, the global wireless headphones market can be classified into liquid, solid, and gel. In terms of price range, the market can be categorized into price range less than 50 US$, 50-100 US$, and above 100 US$. Based on end-user, the global wireless headphones market can be categorized into men, women, and kids. In terms of application, the wireless headphones market can be categorized into music & entertainment, sports & fitness, gaming & virtual reality, and others. Based on distribution channel, the wireless headphones market can be categorized into online and offline. Further, the offline market can be segmented into supermarkets/ hypermarkets, specialty stores, and small retail shops. Based on region, the wireless headphones market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. 

Some of the key players in the global wireless headphones market are Apple Inc., Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, Bose Corporation, Harman International Industries, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Samsung Group, Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. KG, Shure Incorporated, Skullcandy Inc., and Sony Corporation.

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