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UV Lamps Market

UV Lamps Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2030

UV Lamps Market: Overview

Ultraviolet or UV lamps find use in wide range of applications, most prominently in disinfection and curing. Exemplary strides in the UV lamps market in recent months have come from the use of UV germicidal lamps. Well known for the bactericidal and antiviral effects, UV disinfection systems have risen in popularity due to the enormous potential in disinfecting multi-surfaces in the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic. UV air treatment, curing lamps, tanning lamps, phototherapy lamps, and ballast water treatment lamps. There have been spurt in demand for UV lamps in the HVAC system of organizations, including healthcare ones.

Over the past few decades, the bactericidal effect of UV lamps has been extensively utilized in disinfecting water in water treatment plants. Both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the systems have seen improvements, helping spurring the evolution of the UV lamps market. Another major application is phototherapy where UV lights are used in infants for managing neonatal jaundice. Specific wavelengths of UV, notably Narrowband UVB, have also been found to be useful in treating certain skin diseases.

The study on the UV lamps market strive to offer a scrutiny on the overall competitive dynamics shared by various players, major technological advancements, and emerging avenues. The evidence-based insights and quantitative assessment offered in the research help stakeholders to identify key winning imperatives and future direction of major research and product development avenues.

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UV Lamps Market: Key Trends

The UV lamps market has garnered copious opportunities from the extensive adoption of the technology in water treatment. With purity of water gaining worldwide acceptance, past decades have seen a vast scope of commercialization. Growing spending by governments of emerging economies on water treatment using UV lamps has propelled the sales figures in the UV lamps market. UV disinfection has been found to be especially useful in preventing the harm caused by chlorine-resistant microorganisms present in potable water.

On the other hand, the rise in demand for UV lamps for other surfaces disinfection is also making considerable strides for stakeholders in the UV lamps market. Public and commercial facilities have seen a rapidly increasing prospect of the technology in protecting people from virus and bacteria. Most prominently, UV-C light (typically 100–280 nm range) has found to hold incredible potential in this regard.

UV LED variants are witnessing some popularity especially in curing processes. The end users benefit from the marked energy efficiency, high-throughput, and environmentally friendliness.

UV Lamps Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Vendors and manufacturers in the UV lamps market are leaning on tapping into the massive opportunities in end-use industries. They are keen on expanding their product portfolio by offering energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and those that will impart process flexibility. Several players have ramped up their efforts in offering amalgam UV lamps with better operating life and high-temperature functioning. A case in point is the recent array of products by Alpha-Purify, a prominent manufacturer of UV lamps. Sales stem from the demand for these in water disinfection and rise in demand in foodservice facilities for removing odor. The marked popularity of temperature fluctuation-proof lamps in various end-use industries is opening new avenues for new entrants in the UV lamps market.

Expansion of geographical reach is one of the compelling, winning imperatives in the UV lamps market. Top players are increasingly making strategic alliances to retain their dominance during the assessment period.

UV Lamps Market: Regional Assessment

Some of the key regional segments for analyzing the growth dynamics in the UV lamps market are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America. Developed markets are characterized by the sales of UV lamps based disinfection system for water treatment. Rising demand for UV lamps in multisurface disinfection in healthcare facilities has also spurred the revenues in the UV lamps market.

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