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Temperature Detection Screen Market

Temperature Detection Screen Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Temperature Detection Screen Market: Overview

In the current situation because of ravage of COVID-19, the need to contain the spread of coronavirus has led to massive rise in demand for temperature detection screen. Temperature detection screens are now mandatory in medical centers, government organizations, and commercial zones to monitor individuals with above normal temperature.

Temperature detection screen is mainly of two types: portable/handheld and fixed/mounted.

The report analyzes the temperature detection screen market in a comprehensive manner and enumerates the findings in a market intelligence report. The report covers demand dynamics, growth opportunities, and regional outlook of the temperature detection screen market over the 2020 – 2030 forecast period. Furthermore, the report studies the competitive landscape, throwing light on winning growth strategies of key players in the temperature detection screen market.

Temperature Detection Screen Market: Notable Development and Competitive Landscape

In a recent development, in the rocky times of COVID-19, Athena Security – an Austin-based startup is an example of innovation-under-pressure. At the core, the company focuses on enterprise gun detection camera for spotting weapons, guns, and criminal acts. Soon, the team realized to enhance its existing gun detection system to sustain business in these tough times. The team learned that adding a sensitive thermal imaging camera to its existing gun detection system will provide skin temperature reading, and would allow companies to screen up to 2,000 single-file visitors every hour with potential COVID-19 fevers. Since higher temperature is one of the first symptoms of COVID-19, the camera warns the person of possibility of carrying the virus and take necessary steps for self-quarantine.

At the competitive front, the temperature detection screen market features presence of some well-entrenched players who hold considerable revenue in the market. Nonetheless, the vendor landscape is fragmented marked by the presence of small and large players in the temperature detection screen market.

Prominent players operating in the temperature detection screen market include FLIR Systems, L3 Harris Technologies, Opgal, Thermoteknix Systems, Seek Thermal, Xenics, Leonardo, Axis Communications, OptoTherm, Fluke, 3M, and Infratec.

Temperature Detection Screen Market: Key Trends

Amidst COVID-19, portable/handheld temperature detection screen is witnessing massive demand to contain the virus. In urban areas, government institutions, public places, and even residential communities are equipped with temperature detection screen at the point of entry or exit to check temperature of individuals entering the premises.

However, possibility of false negative and false positive of screening puts question on the reliability of temperature devices. For such reasons, temperature screening can be recommended temperature devices are established to be accurate to screen for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, among a slew of applications, temperature detection screen finds immense use in military operations. Temperature detection screen, especially thermal scanners, find use for day-night observation and thermal target detection in military operations.

Temperature Detection Screen Market: Regional Outlook

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America are the key regions into which the temperature detection screen market is divided in this report. Europe is predicted to maintain its supremacy in the temperature detection screen market over the forecast period. In Europe, the alarming rise in COVID-19 cases, with Italy, Spain, and France at the epicenter of the pandemic in the region has translated into massive demand for temperature detection screens.

North America is another key region in the temperature detection screen market. Amidst COVID-19, strict government regulations to monitor temperature of individuals at public places has led to surge in demand for temperature detection screen in the region.

Asia Pacific is emerging as a key region in the temperature detection screen market. Outbreak of COVID-19 has led to rapid uptake of precautionary measures to contain the virus, including use of temperature detection screen at entry points of business areas, government institutions, and even residential communities in urban areas of the region. 

Temperature Detection Screen Market

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