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BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023

BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland: Overview

As per Transparency Market Research market study on BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland, a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.0% from 2015 to 2023 will be noted, helping the market reach a valuation of USD 262.5 million by the end of the forecast period. The steady growth rate is an outcome of increase in demand in banking for A2P SMS for banking transactions, account balance information dissemination, online security streamlining, bill payment notifications, and even details of money transfers.

Here, it is worth noting that the broader the mobile user base, the better the demand for A2P SMS. Additionally, the low unemployment rate in Switzerland is acting in favor of growth in BFSI A2P SMS market - Switzerland.  

It is worth noting here than in 2016, unemployment rate in Switzerland was 4.92 percent, which came down to 4.80% in 2017 and at 4.88% in 2018. And it is important to point out here that as unemployment rate decreases, people have better levels of incomes that can be put to savings accounts. That means along with demand for banking services for saving and salary disbursals, demand for BFSI A2P SMS will also increase, adding positively to the growth of BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland.

It is worth noting here that as an economy, Switzerland is known for its advanced free market in the world and its banking services are well-known across the globe. Additionally, in the global innovation index, the country ranks one as per 2015 statistics. This means in terms of competitiveness, it is proactive to say the least and technologically quite cutting edge.  It is also significant to note here that it is a rich country, third to Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.  This only further substantiates the strength of its banking industry and the prowess of the economy which has a GDP of over USD 70.000, together with Luxembourg and Norway. It is a feat among nations that ate not island nations and are also not ministates.

Additionally, it is important to note that the BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland is slightly fragmented and key players that are also profiled in the report by Transparency MARKET Research include -

  • GMS
  • Dialogue Communications Ltd
  • Infobip Ltd.
  • FORTYTWO Group Ltd.
  • Silverstreet B.V.
  • Symsoft AB
  • Beepsend AP
  • Ogangi Corporation
  • Syniverse Technologies, LLC
  • AMD Telecom S.A.
  • mBlox, Inc.

among others. It is worth noting here that the competition level is decent and it is leading the market chart a decent growth curve over the forecast period.

Customer Relationship Management to Dominate BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland Over the Forecast Period

The BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland market report, as prepared by Transparency Market Research is segmented by applications into Interactive Services, Promotional Campaigns, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Pushed Content Services, and other inquiry related services.

As per experts involved in the report preparation for The BFSI A2P SMS Market - Switzerland, the sub-segment of customer relationship management (CRM) will see high growth and will account for about 32.6% of total revenue that the BFSI A2P SMS Market would witness over the forecast period.

However, it is just as pertinent to talk about promotional campaigns as it is about customer relationship management for the reason of the sub-segment growing at a considerable pace of CAGR 10% over the forecast period. One of the reasons that is attributable to growth in the promotional campaign sub-segment is launch of new banking products and services to keep customers hooked. And, to make sure these reach the customer on the right channel at the right type, A2P SMS are being deployed.

    Chapter 1 Preface
    1.1 Report Description 
    1.2 Market Segmentation 
    1.3 Research Methodology

    Chapter 2 Switzerland A2P SMS Market Analysis for BFSI Industry, 2013 – 2023 (US$ Mn)
    2.1 Overview
          2.1.1 Revenue Growth, 2013 – 2023 ( US$ Mn) and Y-o-Y Growth, 2013 – 2023 ( Value %)
    2.2 Market Dynamics
          2.2.1 Drivers
    2.2 Restraints
          2.2.3 Opportunities
    2.3 Switzerland A2P SMS Analysis for BFSI Industry, By Applications, 2013 – 2023 ( US$ Mn)
          2.3.1 Pushed Content Services
          2.3.2 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
          2.3.3 Promotional Campaign
          2.3.4 Interactive Services
          2.3.5 Other (Inquiry Related) Services
    2.3 Rules and Regulations in Switzerland for BFSI Sector

    Chapter 3 Company Profiles
    3.1 GMS
    3.2 Dialogue Communications Ltd.
    3.3 Infobip Ltd.
    3.4 FORTYTWO Group Ltd.
    3.5 Silverstreet B.V.
    3.6 Symsoft AB
    3.7 Beepsend AB
    3.8 Ogangi Corporation
    3.9 Syniverse Technologies, LLC
    3.10 AMD Telecom S.A.
    3.11 mBlox, Inc.

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