Sweet Potatoes Market

Sweet Potatoes Market - Global Industry, Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2021-2031

Sweet Potatoes Market: Overview

The expanding use of sweet potatoes in food processing companies is expected to create revenue generation opportunities for the sweet potatoes market during the forecast period of 2021-2031. The numerous health benefits provided by sweet potatoes such as the alleviation of cancer due to ample antioxidants present in them are likely to create multiple growth opportunities for the sweet potatoes market. Subsequently, the wide application of sweet potatoes in culinary cuisines has made them popular in the food industry. The scope of food manufacturers has broadened owing to the multiple ranges of food products that use sweet potatoes as their main ingredients, such as meals, dry snacks, syrups, and many more on the platter. The burgeoning demand for sweet potatoes across the globe due to their wide application is anticipated to open new avenues for the growth of the sweet potatoes market.

The sweet potatoes market can be segmented into flour, paste, and whole product by form. Based on type, the market is categorized into dried, frozen, and fresh. On basis of application, the market can be categorized into animal feed, beverage, and food. The distribution channel can comprise online retail and store-based retail.

With reference to the market survey, the team of analysts at TMR has come up with deep insights into the sweet potatoes market. The various parameters related to the growth trajectory of the sweet potatoes market are studied thoroughly. The research report by TMR includes the overall analysis based on the competitive scenario, emerging trends, key drivers, opportunities, restraints, and regional dynamics. The all-important information on the sweet potatoes market helps the stakeholders in taking better business decisions and formulating strategies accordingly.

Sweet Potatoes Market: Key Drivers and Opportunities

The sweet potatoes market has gained momentum owing to the wide application of sweet potatoes in food processing, animal feed, and others. The consumption patterns of the major chunk of the global population have inclined towards healthy food during the COVID-19 pandemic especially. The health benefits offered by sweet potatoes due to low calories and the rich content of vitamins may also augment the demand for sweet potatoes. Consequently, the popularity of plant-based food products has increased due to health consciousness. The emerging trend of veganism has also proved to be a growth propeller for the sweet potatoes market. The content of fructose is low in sweet potatoes. Hence it has gained popularity in the beverage section. Further, it can also be used in various formulations of dairy products such as butter and cheese. All these aspects are likely to demonstrate prolific growth in the sweet potatoes market.

Sweet Potatoes Market: Competitive Insights

The leading manufacturers and players operating in the sweet potatoes market are focusing on research and development activities to enhance the production techniques in order to meet the escalating demand. The novel formulations and innovations have set the stage for the growth of the sweet potatoes market. The recent trend of organic food crops has led to the development of novel farming techniques with chemical-free fertilizers which have buckled up the growth of the sweet potatoes market. The new developments such as MoUs with farmers producing sweet potatoes by leading companies to acquire more raw material due to the surging business on the back of huge demand may bring substantial growth to the sweet potatoes market. Subsequently, social media plays a vital role in creating product awareness and promoting products with nutritional value. Thus, the growth of the sweet potatoes market is expected to be significant.

The key players operating in the market are Hain Celestial, Greenyard, General Mills, Inc, Conagra Brands, Inc., Farm Frites, Agrarfrost Gmbh & CO. K.G., and Himalaya Food International Ltd.

Sweet Potatoes Market: Regional Dynamics

Asia Pacific is estimated to remain at the forefront of the global sweet potatoes market owing to the large production of sweet potatoes in countries such as India and China. The huge demand for starch may generate ample opportunities for growth for the sweet potatoes market. North America is likely to follow Asia Pacific in the growth trajectory due to the increasing production of sweet potatoes in this region owing to the changing consumption patterns.


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