Sterile and Antiviral Packaging Market: Overview

Advances in polymer materials and barrier functionality designs have spurred strides in the sterile and antiviral packaging market. Various industries have utilized the advances in material sciences to meet their emerging needs of sterile and antiviral packaging. The currently emerging problem of COVID-19 has unlocked a new, incredible avenue for manufacturers in the sterile and antiviral packaging market. Demand for sterile packaging for wide spectrum of medical application is the key to defining the new contours of the sterile and antiviral packaging market. Thus, surgical and medical instruments form a major end user for sterile and antiviral packaging. Further, focus on improving parenteral package quality for surgical and medical instruments is bolstering the expansion of the market.

Other key application areas in the sterile and antiviral packaging industry are surgical and medical instruments, pharmaceutical and biological, and food and beverages packaging. Plastics and metals are major materials used for making sterile and antiviral packaging. Key packaging types include thermoform trays, sterile containers, vials and ampoules, sterile closures, pre-filled syringes, blister, and sterile wraps.

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Sterile and Antiviral Packaging Market: Competitive Landscape and Recent Developments

Packaging manufacturers are increasingly relying on advanced sterilization techniques. More importantly, players are trying to adopt cost-effective technologies; a case in point is nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sterilization technology. Numerous players in order to consolidate their position in the sterile and antiviral packaging market are getting into partnerships and making strategic acquisitions. Top players are unveiling novel packaging for meeting the needs of manufacturers of vaccines and drug products, since sterility is a key attribute in the efficacy of such products. Packaging companies are forging relationships with  providers of drug delivery solutions companies.

Some of the promising players in the sterile and antiviral packaging are Amcor plc. DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Sonoco, and Wipak Group.

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Sterile and Antiviral Packaging Market: Growth Dynamics

One of the recent dynamic shaping demands is increasing investment of manufacturing companies on strengthening their cleanroom according to changing International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) norms. Over the years, the drive for ensuring no contamination in various types of packaging that notably include pouches, thermoformed trays, and clamshells has bolstered the popularity of products from the sterile and antiviral packaging market.

The sterile and antiviral packaging market’s growth dynamics has prospered on the back of pressing need for surface sterilization of a wide range of medical devices used in all clinical settings. Thus, there has been extensive demand for utilizing plastics for providing sterile packaging in the form of cartridges, pre-filled syringes, and pharmaceutical vials. However, in coming years, the use of metal materials in sterile and antiviral packaging will rise substantially in coming years. Strides being made in healthcare sector in the light of deluge of demand for healthcare services around the world will spur opportunities to packaging companies looking for a promising stake in the sterile and antiviral packaging market.

Sterile and Antiviral Packaging Market: Regional Outlook

Of the various key regions in the sterile and antiviral packaging market, Asia Pacific, is expected to prove highly lucrative market. Particularly, East Asia has marked presence of emerging players in sterile and antiviral packaging market who are aiming to meet wide cross-section of needs of small- and medium-scale enterprises. Europe is also a promising region for growth of the global sterile and antiviral packaging market. Its strides are fueled by adoption of new sterilization technologies. North America is expected to generate sizable revenues to the global sterile and antiviral packaging market. Pharmaceutical packaging companies are tapping into the existing potential in the North America market. 

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Sterile And Antiviral Packaging Market