Stearic Acid Market: Overview

Stearic acid, another name for octadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)16COOH, is considered a versatile fatty acid. It has been commercially used in textiles, construction, personal care, and rubber manufacturing. The stearic acid market has offered substantial revenue streams on the back of the extensive uptake of industrial grade rubber in wide range of industries such as tires for the improving the texture of the finished products. Its inherent lubricity, non-toxicity, shelf-life, and stability is key to plethora of applications areas in the stearic acid market. The case in point is personal care product manufacturing. The acid has emerged as a popular lubricant and softener for plastics and textiles. Furthermore, it is used as a key ingredient in soaps. It is also used in specialty papers, an example is photographic papers.

Stearic Acid Market: Key Trends

Personal care product manufacturers are increasingly leveraging the binding and thickening properties of stearic acid. A wide variety of cosmetic and detergent applications of the acid is key to expanding revenues in the stearic acid market. Strides being made in personal care products manufacturing in the developing world are boosting the prospects. For instance, stearic acid he making of shampoos, body washes, and facial cleansers. This forms a key ingredient of the protective conditioner formulation in shampoos. Need for better surfactants in soaps and detergents is boosting the market.

Strides in demand for metal processing, dietary supplements, and candle manufacturing are boosting the stearic acid market.

Stearic Acid Market: Regional Assessment

Geographically, North America has been a remarkable lucrative market. The growth has been fuelled by the rapidly expanding application areas. Also, extensive research and developments on formulations for a wide range of personal care products and cosmetics has also contributing substantial revenue streams to chemical companies operating in the stearic acid market.

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Stearic Acid Market