Sodium Dichromate Market

Sodium Dichromate Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 – 2030

Global Sodium Dichromate Market: Overview

Sodium dichromate is an inorganic compound used in various industries. Right from the textile industry, water treatment, leather tanning and in the refining of petroleum, sodium dichromate has uses that make it indispensable to industrial usage.

Global industrial growth has been unprecedented. In all sorts of sectors of current industry there is global demand that has spurred production. As per Transparency Market Research, given that sodium dichromate finds usage in multiple such industries, the sodium dichromate market is anticipated to continue growing steadily over the period of 2020 to 2030.

Global Sodium Dichromate Market: Competitive Landscape

A number of manufacturers are involved in the production of sodium dichromate globally. This makes the market scenario fragmented. Some of these players are-

  • Elementis (US)
  • Soda Sanayii (TR)
  • Aktyuninsk (KZ)
  • Lanxess (ZA)
  • Vishnu Chem (IN)
  • NPCC (RU)
  • Nippon Chem (JP)
  • Yinhe Group (CN)
  • Zhenhua Chem (CN)
  • Minfeng Chem (CN)
  • Sing Horn (CN)
  • Dongzheng Chem(CN)
  • Hebei Chrome-Chem (CN)
  • Peace Chem (CN)
  • Jinshi Chem (CN)
  • Mingyang Chem (CN)

These manufacturers are planning to expand production by acquisition of smaller production facilities and increasing market outreach by advertisements. Increasing awareness among

Industrial players about sodium dichromate should also help this market grow in the future.

Global Sodium Dichromate Market: Key Trends and Drivers

  • Rapid industrialization is a notable growth factor in the demand for sodium dichromate over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030, taking the market on a higher growth curve, creating new opportunities for players.
  • A major industry in which sodium dichromate is employed is petroleum refining. This is a 1.7 trillion USD industry that utilizes a variety of services and materials to cater to increasing demand for fossil fuels. Sodium dichromate is an important part of this cohort of chemicals used and should find increased demand in the future. 

Global Sodium Dichromate Market: Regional Analysis

The highest demand for sodium dichromate comes from the Asia Pacific region (APAC) which can be attributed to the large and varied number of industries in this region.

North America and Europe follow suit owing to an outsourcing of major industrial output. Yet, employment of sodium dichromate in minor sectors should help this market grow in the future.




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