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Satellite Communication Subsystem Market

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market: Overview

The satellite communication subsystem market is predicted to garner handsome growth over the forecast period between 2020 and 2030 mainly because of increasing satellite applications in defense, commercial, and government applications.

In this era of vast network for global communication, satellite communication and its associated systems play a big role for such advancement. Broadly, satellite communication systems plays a big role of critical transmissions to reach their intended targets instantly and efficiently. Satellite communication along with advanced earth stations and new connectivity services enable communication at large distances out in the space.

Whilst satellite communication comprises several subsystems, the most important of them are power supply system, telemetry, tracking, and command system, and attitude and orbit control system.

Key application segments of the satellite communication subsystem market are commercial, defense and military, and government.

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market: Competitive Landscape

The satellite communication subsystem market is largely consolidated with a handful of large players. Product advancement and integration of avant-garde technologies is the focus of these large players in the satellite communication subsystem market.

Keen players are striving for mergers & acquisitions and collaborations for business expansion plans and to consolidate their position in the satellite communication subsystem market.

Prominent companies operating in the satellite communication subsystem market are MDA, Antwerp Technologies, Globecomm Systems, Hughes Communications, Ananth Technologies, and Inmarsat.

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market: Key Trends

The growth of satellite communication subsystem market stems from growing need of satellite communication subsystems to improve data communications, and extensive applications of satellite communications in various industries such as aviation, defense and military, agriculture, and security and surveillance.

Furthermore, the growing need for transfer of large amount of data from one place to another is escalating the demand for satellite communication, thereby increasing the demand for satellite communication subsystems.

Also, satellite communication subsystems find use for reliable data communication across remote marine regions, thereby fuelling the satellite communication subsystem market.

Moreover, the surge in demand of subsystems for navigation, remote sensing, earth observation, and communication is fueling the satellite communication subsystem market.

In terms of function, satellite communication subsystem uses transmitters, responders, and receivers, and transponders to relay and receive communication signals and to carry out various operations such as altitude of satellite, orbit controlling, and monitoring and controlling of other subsystems. Thus, for communication at hundreds and thousands kilometers, somewhere at 35,800 km out in the space, a number of satellite communication subsystems are used to receive information about phenomenon going on with satellites in outer space.  

However, on the downside, high initial cost involved in the purchase and launch of geostationary communication satellite and its associated systems is hampering the satellite communication subsystem market. Challenges to cope with rapidly changing technology may limit adoption of satellite communication subsystem.

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market: Regional Assessment

Powered by the U.S., North America holds sizeable share in the overall satellite communication subsystem market. Rapid adoption of satellite communication technologies and expansive use of communication satellites for transmission of television, radio, telephone, and Internet signals make North America the frontrunner in the satellite communication subsystem market.

Europe is another key region in the satellite communication subsystem market.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as a key region in the satellite communication subsystem market over the forecast period. Factors such as advancement in communication technology, and growing adoption of satellite communication for economic pursuits in developing countries is spurring growth of satellite communication subsystem in the region.

Latin America and the Middle East & Africa display growth openings in the satellite communication subsystem market owing to expanding use of satellite communication technologies for military and agricultural operations.

Satellite Communication Subsystem Market

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