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Rosin Resin Market

Rosin Resin Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020-2030

Rosin Resin Market: Overview

The rosin resin market is predicted to rise at a notable pace over the 2020 -2030 forecast period with increasing demand for rubber from a number of end-use industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Rosin resin is an essential base material in the manufacture of rubber. Rosin resin is used in the intermediate stage as a softening agent to make rubber soft for kneading. Furthermore, it can improve the physical properties of rubber such as surface finish, elasticity, and cohesion.

Key parameters based on which the rosin resin market is divided in this report are type, source, application, and region.

The report delves into each and every vital aspect for an exhaustive analysis of the rosin resin market for the 2020 – 2030 forecast period. The report studies demand dynamics, trends, and opportunities that could influence the growth curve of the rosin resin market for the aforementioned forecast period. Furthermore, the report provides insights into the regional landscape of the rosin resin market covering key regions along with their revenue share projections for the 2020 -2030 forecast period. Lastly, analysis of the competitive landscape with a focus on growth strategies of key players is a highlight of this report.

Rosin Resin Market: Competitive Landscape

The rosin resin market is highly competitive with the presence of a large number of players of varying sizes. Keen players in the rosin resin market are focused on to adopt new production technologies to improve production output, minimize environmental footprint, reduce energy consumption substantially, and improve product quality.

Introduction of affordable products of high quality to serve the monumentally rising demand from large end users is another key focus of keen players in the rosin resin market.

Prominent players operating in the rosin resin market include Eastman Chemical Company, Lawter Inc., Deqing Jiyuan Synthetic Resin Co. Ltd., International Specialty Chemicals, Resin Chemicals Co. Ltd., Guilin Songquan Forest Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Hindustan Resins & Terpenes, Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd., Forestarchem Chemical Co. Ltd., Jinggu Forest Chemical Co. Ltd., Promax Industries, Forever Resources Ltd., and CV. Indonesia Pinus.

Rosin Resin Market: Key Trends

The growth of the paper and printing ink industry is creating opportunities in the rosin resin market. The demand for rosin resin in the paper industry as a sizing agent for paper sizing is a significant factor fuelling the rosin resin market. In addition, rosin resin in used in the paper industry to prevent paper from absorbing too much water, which could lead to hair slip while printing.

Rosin resin finds use in printing inks as well. It is primarily used as a color carrier to increase adhesion to paper.

Increasing use of rosin resin in the pharma sector is expanding the horizon of rosin resin market. Product innovation such as the formulation of nanoparticles and microcapsules is paving way for use of rosin resin in the pharma sector. Rosin resin features a number of favorable material properties such as terpene characteristics and high THC value, which makes it extremely suitable for medical use.

Lastly, rosin resin is increasingly substituting a number of synthetic resins due to its material properties. This further boosts rosin resin market.

Rosin Resin Market: Regional Assessment

Asia Pacific is at the forefront among other key regions in the rosin resin market. The presence of a large number of chemical manufacturers in China, along with numerous pine fields sways growth in the rosin resin market of the region. Thus, China is predicted to hold a key share in the rosin resin market both in terms of volume and value in the coming years.

Rosin Resin Market

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