Railroad Equipment Manufacturing Market

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing: Inclusive Insight  

Companies operating in the railroad equipment manufacturing industry are involved in the manufacturing of brakes, locomotives, passenger rail cars and freight, and other parts used in operating railroads. The transport equipment manufacturing industry has become the pivot for economic developments across several countries worldwide. The demand for these equipment has intensified owing to the rising volume of transported products and the expansion of the distance covered by logistics vehicles. This particular trend is expected to gain traction over the coming years. The industry is however moderately consolidated with a few key players holding the top notches in the market. The market is likely to expand conferring to the long-term growth opportunities it holds and the expansion of global trade and burgeoning globalization.

This industry study is an evaluation of the growth prospects and historical tract of the global railroad equipment manufacturing market. It deals with the assessment of the facets that are projected to sway the expansion of the market both negatively and positively. Further, the key trends have also been indicated in the publication. The research study further presents a wide outlook on the seller landscape of the market with reference to Porter’s five forces analysis. The research report deals with the R&D activities, mergers, acquisitions, and particulars on certifications and partnerships. The report reviews the approaches related to shares, publicity, and product range of the key accomplices in the global railroad equipment manufacturing market. 

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing: Trends and Prospects

The demand for freight rolling stock is significantly high in the global railroad equipment manufacturing market. This demand is basically due to the hike in the prices of fuel across the globe at it acts as the key source behind the working of the transportation industry.  This has shifted the trend of freight transport to rails from trucks. The profit in this particular industry is purely dependent on gaining lease and long term agreements with big railroad companies. Big multinational companies are at advantage owing to their capacity to manufacture bulk goods in large quantities, thus attaining economies of scale.

However, the challenges that the industry is likely to face in the near future is basically due to the various policies relating to railroads implemented by different governments across the globe. It also tends to make the market price sensitive. The opportunities lies in investing in R&D and focusing on product innovation, speeding production, and decreasing price and weight and also ensure passenger safety with it.

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing: Regional Outlook

Region-wise, Europe and Asia Pacific are the leading regions in terms of manufacturing of railroad equipment. This growth is mainly due to effective policies and large scale investment by leading companies and governments. Brazil, China, and India have been identified as emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region. Rise in domestic consumption, demand for freight transport, and growth in passengers are also some of the leading factors behind the growth of the market in these regions.

Railroad Equipment Manufacturing: Companies Mentioned in the Report

Some of the key companies are Nippon Sharyo, Siemens, CSR Corporation, China CNR Corporation, Alstom, Bombardier, Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies, Trinity Industries, Greenbrier, GE, Electro-Motive Diesel, and American Railcar Industries.


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