Quinoa Market

Quinoa Market - Global Industry, Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2021-2031

Quinoa Market - Overview

The global quinoa market is expected to expand at a healthy rate from 2021 to 2031 (forecast period). Quinoa is in high demand due to its health advantages and nutrient content. Quinoa is a gluten-free, high-fiber product that is popular among health-conscious customers. Quinoa is increasingly being used in food products such as pasta, noodles, and bread, which is projected to help the worldwide quinoa market grow. Moreover, the growing interest in natural and organic goods in the cosmetic industry is projected to propel the worldwide quinoa market. Furthermore, increasing usage of quinoa in breakfast foods is likely to spur the growth of the global quinoa market during the forecast period.


Quinoa Market - Competitive Landscape

Leading players in the quinoa market are Keen One Quinoa, Quinoa Foods Company, The British Quinoa Company, Northern Quinoa Production Corporation, Quinoa Corporation, Hain Celestial Group, Andean Valley S.A., Andean Naturals Inc., Inca Organics, and European Quinoa Group.

The global quinoa market is extremely fragmented due to the presence of various small- and large-scale vendors. These companies compete in distribution, product innovation, quality, and price. A majority of big corporations have invested in R&D to build production facilities around the world and meet expanding product demand. Furthermore, these competitors are actively pursuing new joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and product development to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, manufacturers expect to open new retail outlets to expand their distribution network, resulting in a larger market by 2032.

Quinoa Market - Trends and Opportunities

Increasing consumer health worries about the greater incidence of multiple lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular ailments, and so on, are primary aspects projected to boost the sales of quinoa market. Moreover, rising consumer knowledge of quinoa's multiple health advantages in regulating blood cholesterol, encouraging healthy gut microbes, increasing immunity, and treating hypertension is expected to fuel the growth of the global quinoa market. Furthermore, the growing popularity of healthy eating habits is raising the use of gluten-free, low-calorie foods like quinoa. Aside from that, the growing popularity of western cuisine trends in India has resulted in the widespread availability of quinoa-based pasta, bread, cookies, noodles, and other baked goods.

Furthermore, consumers' strenuous work schedules and sedentary lifestyles are fueling the demand for ready-to-eat and convenient food options such as quinoa-based flakes and muesli. Additionally, India's growing cosmetic and personal grooming sector is increasing the use of quinoa for dark spot removal, acne treatment, skin renewal, and other purposes. Moreover, the Indian government has launched a number of initiatives to promote the cultivation of sustainable and drought-tolerant crops, such as quinoa, which is anticipated to strengthen market growth in the coming years.


Quinoa Market - Regional Landscape

The quinoa market in North America is projected to expand during the forecast period, owing to increased consumer awareness of the advantages of adopting nutritious gluten-free food products. Furthermore, the increasing spending power of consumers in the region has raised the demand for quinoa. Moreover, the United States is likely to present growth prospects in the quinoa market in North America

Europe is expected to contribute significantly to the global quinoa market during the projected period. A large increase in quinoa seed production in Europe has resulted in decreased prices and improved consumption habits.

The quinoa market in Asia Pacific is likely to develop during the forecast period. The regional demand for quinoa is expected to expand as the popularity of healthy food ingredients grows. Moreover, emerging economies such as India and China are anticipated to assist the growth of the regional market.


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