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Pressure Pumping Services Market

Pressure Pumping Services Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Pressure pumping services or pressure pumping systems are used in unconventional oil fields and mature oil fields. Pressure pumping services or systems are applied by the operator company to those oilfields which are underperforming in terms of hydrocarbon production. Pressure pumping is employed to secure wellbore, enhance reservoir drainage capacity, and deploy effective coil tubing interventions. In its early stage, hydrocarbon production from most of the oil fields is obtained at desired or expected rate. Later, the production level falls due to factors such as sand problem in the reservoir, alteration to near wellbore porosity and permeability, pressure loss in reservoir, and water coning. Operations such as hydraulic fracturing (hydrofrac), coil tubing, other well interventions, and cementing or squeeze cementing operations are carried out in order to overcome the factors.

Based on operation, the pressure pumping service market can be categorized into hydrofrac, cementing, and others. It is essential to keep the optimum pressure in the well. Under the hydraulic fracturing process, the excess pressure is required to create fractures in the reservoir. Cementing operations are routine operations in oil well drilling.

Hydraulic fracturing is the common process of tight sand reservoirs and unconventional shale and CBM reservoirs. Thus, the pressure pumping services market can also be segmented in terms of reservoir type. Based on well type, the pressure pumping services market can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Most of the wells drilled are horizontal due to the technological developments in the upstream oil & gas sector. Horizontal wells cover larger drainage area of the reservoir than conventional vertical wells.

Demand for hydrocarbons has increased significantly over the last few decades. Hydrocarbons such as oil and natural gas are key components of energy consumption. Increase in demand for oil and gas has encouraged the global oil companies to explore unconventional reservoirs such as shale reservoirs, CBM reservoirs, and deep & ultra-deep offshore areas. These new exploration ventures are the key drivers of pressure pumping services market. Rise in number of aging or maturing oil field across the globe is another driver of the pressure pumping services market. Enhanced recovery methods are employed to increase the production level from such oilfields. Sometimes, hydraulic fracturing operation is carried out to increase the production rate. Fluctuation in prices of oil, stringent environmental regulations, and trend of use of renewable energy are the major restraints of the pressure pumping services market.

North America is expected to dominate the pressure pumping services market owing to the recent development of shale reservoirs. It is also becoming one of the major exporters of hydrocarbons. The Government of the U.S. has employed strong strategies for the development of oil and gas reserves. Middle East & Africa is another lucrative region of the pressure pumping services market. The vast, existing oil and gas reserves in the region provide lucrative opportunities to the pressure pumping services market. Demand for fossil fuel energy is rising in Asia Pacific, led by the growth in economy of countries such as China and India. Of late, China, India, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia have expanded their exploration activities. This is likely to offer opportunities to the pressure pumping services market.

Key players operating in the pressure pumping services market are Weatherford, Halliburton, Schlumberger Limited, Trican Well Services, Stimulation Pumping Services LLC., BHGE, Basic Energy Services, BJ Services., Patterson-UTI Energy Inc, Superior Energy Services, Inc., and Premier Pressure Pumping.

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