Prepared Dry-Foods Market

Prepared Dry-Foods Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Prepared Dry-Food Market

In recent years, the graph of demand for preserved food has been moving in a positive trajectory. The growth is attributed to the trend of sedentary lifestyle. People, across the globe, are getting engaged in professional life. This, in turn, is leaving no time for elaborate cooking. Hence, people are looking for easy food options. Main focus is to explore quick meal solutions that provide required nutrients to human body.

Talking of quick meal, preserved food items are the top-choice. Registering the rising need, food companies are, consistently, trying to introduce food items covering need of the consumers. And, prepared dry-food is one such innovation.

Dry-food products are, primarily, treated with heat. This helps in removal of water content. Removal of water content is one of the best ways to repel microbes. Also, it aids in enhancement of shelf life of food items, for long run. The effectiveness has been fuelling the horizon of prepared-dry fruit market.

Another reason adding value to prepared dry-fruit market is cost effectiveness and easy transport. Food stored in cold temperature requires extra care. Moreover, it should be consumed in limited period of time, or else the food item will no longer be fit for consumption. Easy handling and storage are some unique features projecting growth of global prepared-dry fruit market.

Also, during removal of water content, vitamin content is maintained in the food item. This feature is attracting large base of consumers from across the world.

Pregnant women, working females and interest of people for simple-to-cook meal are playing significant role in the expansion of global prepared-dry fruit market. Moreover, high nutritional content of food items is a key factor holding interest of consumers.

On the other hand, maintaining vitamins and removing water from the food items are expensive procedures. Also, spray dying is boosting the overall cost of dried food. High cost of such food items, are likely to interfere with growth trajectory of prepared dry-food market.

Prepared Dry Foods Market: Overview

Prepared dry foods are processed food products treated with heat to remove their water content, which makes it inhospitable to most microbes and thus increases the shelf life of the food product. Microbes need water as well as organic content to grow, making the elimination of water a simple and effective way of ensuring the food doesn’t spoil.

The report examines the historical development trajectory of the global prepared dry foods market and the market’s current condition. Industry-standard analysis tools are used in order to derive actionable insights into the consistent growth patterns exhibited by the prepared dry foods market. The prime segments of the global prepared dry foods market are examined in the report to present an overview of the market’s hierarchy by each criterion.

The global processed dry foods market can be segmented by product type into dehydrated potatoes, Mexican food, dry diners pasta, rice mixes, pizza products, and dry mixes and ethnic or regional specialties. Of these, dehydrated potatoes account for a dominant share in the global prepared dry foods market, since they can be produced in various shapes and sizes and are used to prepare a wide variety of recipes.

Prepared Dry Foods Market: Trends and Opportunities

The key driver for the global prepared dry foods market is the long shelf life of the processed food. The ease of using prepared dry foods in food preparation has also been vital for the prepared dry foods market in the last few years, as consumers in many advancing economies have become more discerning about food in spite of the lack of time to cook traditional, elaborate meals.

The booming quick service restaurants industry in developing as well as developed regions is also beneficial for the prepared dry foods industry, as the long shelf life and easy usability of prepared dry foods aid significantly in enabling rapid service. In contrast to frozen or chilled foods, which need to be stored in dedicated containers and used in a short time to avoid spoiling, dried foods can be stored in any airtight containers and don’t even need any extra prep, such as thawing.

On the other hand, the key restraints on the prepared dry foods market are the lack of trust among consumers about the manufacturing processes used in the industry. Making the manufacturing process of processed dry foods more transparent has thus become a key opportunity for leading players in the global prepared dry foods industry.

Prepared Dry Foods Market: Geographical and Competitive Dynamics

Regionally, the global prepared dry foods market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. The prepared dry foods market in North America is driven mainly by the rising demand from the urban demographic, who need a sustainable replacement for conventional meals. Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as a key regional market for prepared dry foods in the coming years due to the steady development of the quick service restaurants industry in the region, the traditional use of many dry foods in the local cuisines, and the rapid urbanization in dynamic economies.

The report examines the competitive dynamics of the global prepared dry foods by profiling key players such as Oregon Freeze Dry Inc., ConAgra Foods Inc., Agrofert Holding, European Freeze Dry, Joseph’s Pasta Company, and McCain Foods Limited.


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