Power Line Conditioners Market: Overview

A power line conditioner is a multifunction device used to clean dirty power to provide stable, clean, and reliable power to electric equipment. Power surges on interconnecting cables and power supply feeds is a major cause of system failure. On the other hand; noise, voltage variations, and waveform distortions are key culprits responsible for degradation in performance of the overall system. A quality power line conditioner protects electric appliances and equipment from harmful voltage surges, dirty power lines, and over- and under-voltage conditions on the AC line. Moreover, it eradicates noise from the AC line and corrects voltage to enhance performance of the overall system. Power line conditioners are placed between the input power source and the device on the electric circuit, which is to be protected. A power line conditioner can be used in combination with a UPS to provide both clean power and backup in the event of power failure. In fact, some UPS units available in the market today serve both purposes. In areas that frequently endure brownouts or low-voltage conditions, installation of a power conditioner can be important for continuing the operation of a UPS.

A power line conditioner can reduce hard disk failures and data corruption issues up to 80%. Use of renewable energy resources is a new trend in the power line conditioners market. Worldwide, around 40% to 50% of the companies offering power conditioning services are currently focusing on using renewable energy resources such as solar energy and wind energy.

Power Line Conditioners Market: Trends & Demands

The global power line conditioners market is currently witnessing growth at a rapid pace. It is estimated to witness strong growth during the forecast period, due to the strengthening global economy. Factors augmenting the power line conditioners market include increase in the demand for long-lasting and high-quality power equipment, rise in the demand for power line conditioners from utility and industrial sectors, and investments by companies in the latest electronic equipment to offer high-quality products and services. However, the power line conditioners market faces challenges such as high cost of power conditioning and lack of trained professionals. Hence, several companies are now focusing on training of their employees. The power line conditioners market has expanded significantly over the last few years, due to increased dependency on sensitive microprocessor-based applications. These microprocessor-based applications cause issues related to power quality such as sags, harmonic distortion, brownouts, and surges.

Power Line Conditioners Market: Key Segments

Depending on end-use, the power line conditioners market has been classified into industrial & manufacturing, commercial, residential, transportation, and utilities. Utilities and industrial & manufacturing segments witness high demand for power line conditioners, whereas the commercial segment is expected to expand at the most rapid pace during the forecast period. In terms of demand, Europe and North America are the leading power line conditioners markets, whereas Asia Pacific is an emerging power line conditioners market. The power line conditioners market in Asia Pacific is expected expand at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The region is moving toward clean energy on a large scale in order to meet increasing energy needs in an efficient manner. India, China, and Singapore are some of the potential growing markets in power and utilities sectors.

The global power line conditioners market is diversified and highly competitive in nature, with the presence of established, international and regional vendors. Tripp Lite, a leading vendor in the field of IT power equipment, sells a complete line of power conditioners ranging from desktop/tower units to rack-mount and wall-mounted units. Their line ranges from 600VA to 2400VA in capacity, which is enough to support a significant equipment load.

Power Line Conditioners Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global power line conditioners market are ABB Ltd, Honeywell, Echelon Corporation, Rockwell, Interoll, Acromag, Fuji Electric, and Emerson Industrial Automation. These key players have devised several strategies to remain competitive in the power line conditioners market and a few of them utilize advanced technologies such as autotransformer. They provide services that lead to increased productivity and increased lifespan of equipment, innovative services, and reliable solutions for power quality issues. These companies also try to enhance their business reach to remain competitive in the market through mergers and acquisitions. For instance, ABB acquired Spirit IT based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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