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Popcorn Market

Popcorn Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026


The global popcorn market is set to witness an upward growth trajectory over the period of 2018-2026. It is driven by a switch in lifestyle towards ready to eat or easy to cook foods. People who are looking to make healthy choices here often prefer the popcorn route as it is considered highly nutritious.

Below are stated some significant drivers, trends and developments that will contribute in some way to the global popcorn market.

  • Work days have gotten inhumanely longer for a massive population from world over and this has killed any desire to prepare elaborate means. Before work, the hurry is real and post work, the tiredness is. So, people either eat out or look for ready to eat alternatives. And, this is leading to demand for the popcorn market. And, it is driven further by rise in nuclear families, even in areas where traditionally, joint-family set-up was the norm – India, Pakistan and other neighboring regions. To add to this, there is also a rise of dual income families – where both adults of a nuclear family earn and thus both look for easy eating options that might not harm health and popcorn is a legit option.
  • Rise in disposable incomes is witnessed worldwide. It is a result of economies doing better and thus, improving standard of living. This means more money to spend on entertainment avenues such as watching games at stadiums, weekly movies and theatres. This is usually accompanied by a bowl of popcorn and soft drinks as the traditional food and beverages options which is further fueled by rise of internet and social media, where there is an urge to imitate what’s viewed. Besides, westernization coupled with this digital consumption has replaced indigenous movie snacks with popcorn which are often sold at high rates in multiplexes.

Global Popcorn Market: Overview

Increasing hectic and busy lifestyles of the global population has encouraged individuals to adopt significant solutions such as ready-to-cook food. This has caused a reduction in the over the traditional method of cooking. Such a change in lifestyles is significantly boosting growth of the global popcorn market in the coming years. In addition to this, increasing awareness regarding healthy food eating habit is further encouraging many to eat healthy foods. Moreover, the popcorn are included under the category of healthy foods as they are made of corn; they also need less time to cook. These factors further expected to supplement growth of this market in the years to come.

The global popcorn market is categorized on the basis of commercial and household

The report provides a brief analysis about the popcorn market. This report also offers comprehensive analysis about the segmental, regional, and market dynamics. This study also provides useful guideline for key vendors in order to gain foothold in the global popcorn market during the coming years.

Global Popcorn Market: Trends and Opportunities

Rising disposable income along with growing concerns about consumption of healthy diets is propelling expansion in  the popcorn market in the coming years. An increase in the standard of living is another aspect largely contributing towards the market growth in the coming years. An increasing number of commercial places for example, stadiums, movie theatres, and multiplexes in developing regions is stimulating demand for the global popcorn market in the foreseeable future too.  The various benefits associated with the products makes consumers prefer comparatively healthy foods such as popcorn, therefore driving growth in the global popcorn market during the upcoming years. Furthermore, increasing usage of microwave as household products another factor triggering growth in this market in the near future.

Global Popcorn Market: Regional Outlook

From a geographical point of view, North America is likely to dominate global popcorn market. Increase in production of corn in various economies such as Iowa, Illinois, Indiana in the U.S. is likely to boost growth of this market in the coming years. Moreover, rising disposable income and growing popularity of eating snacks such as popcorn in theatres, public place and during the event is likely to stimulate the global popcorn market’s expansion in the next few years. However, apart from North America, other regions such as Asia Pacific are likely to register significant growth.This is another factor propelling growth in the popcorn market in the years to come.

Global Popcorn Market: Companies Mentioned

This section of the report offers a brief analysis about the major players functioning in the global popcorn market. A large number of players operating in the regional and international market demonstrate a substantially fragmented structure. Some of the key players are Quinn Foods LLC, Snyder's-Lance, Inc., The Hershey Company,Eagle Family Foods Group LLC (Popcorn, Indiana LLC), Propercorn, Snyder's-Lance, Inc. (Diamond Food), and Conagra Brands, Inc. The manufacturers are highly focused towards strategic partnerships in order to gain foothold in the global popcorn market in the near future.


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