The polymer coated fabrics market is estimated to observe promising growth across the assessment period of 2017-2025 on the back of the overwhelming demand for such fabrics across many applications in automotive, aerospace, geotextile, defense, chemical processing, electronics, and others. All these aspects will have a positive impact on the growth of the polymer coated fabrics market during the forecast period.

  • The properties of polymer coated fabrics, such as oil resistance, elasticity, abrasion, transparency, etc., will bring tremendous growth opportunities for the global market. The rising demands for passenger vehicles due to the preference for private transport will prove to be a boon for the polymer coated fabrics market as they are used in automotives. The COVID-19 pandemic has led many individuals prefer private transport from public transport to avoid the fear of transmission.
  • Research and development activities form the core of the growth of the polymer coated fabrics market. The players are involved in these activities for new formulations and innovation. These activities help in boosting revenues, eventually increasing the growth rate of the polymer coated fabrics market. Strategic collaborations are also crucial for the polymer coated fabrics market. The collaborations help in cementing the foothold of the players, ultimately contributing to the growth prospects.

Global Polymer Coated Fabrics Market: Overview

Polymer-coated fabrics are engineered composite materials consisting of the polymer coating and textile as the substrate. The coating of textile surfaces can be done with one or more than one type of polymers to impart a variety of useful structural properties, notably weather and corrosion resistance, resistance to impermeability to oil and dirt, and marked fabric abrasion. The vast possibility of combinations accounts for the vital role polymer-coated fabrics occupy in the technical textiles market. Owing to specific performance properties polymer-coated fabrics possess, they find widespread applications in a wide spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, chemical processing, geotextile, and defense. The popular application of polymer-coated fabrics are as a protective clothing for firefighters and auto upholstery is also boosting the market.

The use of thermoplastics as polymeric material in coating fabrics paves way for specialized applications of polymer-coated fabrics. Modification in the properties of polymers yields interesting properties, such as for making electrically conducting coated fabric systems and to be used as antimicrobial in coated-textile systems. Some of the popular types of polymers used are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyacrylamide, polyurethane, and nylon.

The report offers a granular analysis of key drivers and restraining factors, prominent trends, lucrative opportunities, recent technological advancements, emerging applications, and the strategic dynamics in various regions.

Global Polymer Coated Fabrics Market: Trends and Opportunities

The large number of interesting and specialized physical and chemical properties of polymer-coated fabrics is what bolster their use in a range of applications such as in transportation, protective clothing, roofing, furniture, and several other industrial applications. The rising concerns of workers’ safety in various industries has fortified the demand for polymer-coated fabrics as an essential part of protective clothing. There is an extensive use of polymer-coated fabrics in the automotive industry for making fabrics for vehicle interiors and exteriors, air bags, covers, and seat belts. This is a noteworthy factor accentuating the growth of the global market over the forecast period. In addition, the rapid stride taken by the transportation industry in several developing nations in recent years has spurred automotive manufacturing activities, which will stoke the demand for polymer-coated textiles.

The widespread applications of polyvinyl chloride-coated fabrics, owing to its cost-effective manufacturing and specific properties, is also aiding in the market expansion. However, the volatility in prices of polymers in some regions and the availability of better substitutes are crucial factors likely to cripple the growth of the market to an extent. Nevertheless, constant advances in polymer coated textiles are likely to pave way for product innovations with high performance characteristics. Furthermore, the rapid pace of industrialization and urbanization in various parts of the world is expected to fuel the transportation industry, which in turn will create a substantial demand for advanced fabrics.

Global Polymer Coated Fabrics Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, Asia Pacific is a prominent region for polymer-coated fabrics and is expected to rise at an impressive pace over the assessment period. The growth of the regional market is fueled by a burgeoning transportation industry in various key economies. The vastly rising sale of automobiles is boosting the uptake. The marked incorporation of safety features in industrial segments has stoked the demand for protective clothing in various parts of the region. Countries expected to be at the forefront of this regional market are India, Japan, and China. Meanwhile, North America and Europe are anticipated to rise at a steady pace over the forecast period.

Companies mentioned in the report           

Key players operating in the market include Trelleborg AB, Cooley Group Holdings, Inc., Takata Corporation, Spradling International Inc., Sioen Industries NV, Seaman Corporation, Omnovo Solutions Inc., and Continental AG. A number of top players are focused on high-performance polymer-coated fabrics for meeting specific needs of end-use industries. 

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