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Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market

Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 – 2030

Global Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market: Overview

Pipes and tubes are the basics of any industrial setup, and serve majorly to transport substances from one location to the other. They can be made of various materials but recent industries use plastic components because of their malleability and strength to weight ratio. Pipe and tube bending machines have picked up pace owing to the wide usage of plastic and other malleable substances in global industries. These machines fit conduits to appropriate joints and subsequently make logistical machine operations possible. 

Current global industry is expanding like never before. Demand for machine produced products has risen because of the sheer efficiency and effectiveness with which automated industrial operations can churn out daily use products. In the current scenario of increasing industrial productivity and innovation, the pipe and tube bending machine market is expected to grow steadily, as per Transparency Market Research, over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030. 

Global Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market: Competitive Landscape

A large number of manufacturers are involved in the market for pipe and tube bending machines. This makes the market scenario fragmented. Some players are covered here of that exhaustive list of global manufacturers-

  • Electropneumatics
  • Wonsten
  • CML
  • Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial
  • Tube & Pipe Bending Machines
  • Baileigh Industrial
  • SOCO Machinery
  • Promau
  • Van Sant Enterprises
  • AMOB
  • SweBend
  • PHI
  • Chiao Sheng Machinery
  • Thorson Industries
  • Sharpe Products
  • Chiyoda Kogyo
  • Pines Technology

These manufacturers are looking to expand production by acquisition of subpart manufacturing facilities and investing in innovations in the pipe and tube bending machine market. Market outreach should increase by investment impetus to various industrial players.

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Global Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market: Key Trends and Drivers

  • Globally, automation is taking over daily life processes, and this impact is witnessed most starkly in the world's industry. The global industrial automation market currently stands at a valuation of 128,000 Million USD. A value of 210,250 Million USD should be reached by the end of 2026, giving a CAGR of about 7.3%. Various processes add together to make this possible, and pipe and tube bending machines are part of such processes. With current trends of adoption of industrial automation, this market should grow steadily in the coming years. 
  • Chief industries that utilize this technology are the automotive and construction industries. The automotive industry too had been performing well till the start of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and is expected to register a healthy comeback in the future. The pipe and tube bending machines market should grow concomitantly with these industries. 
  • These machines have high maintenance costs and require technically trained labor to operate them. These pose major hindrances in adoption of these machines by small and medium scale industries. However, increasing innovation and cost cutting measures on material utilized should make it possible for machine percolation to occur into the lowest rungs of industry. 

Global Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market: Regional Analysis

North America and Europe currently dominate the global pipe and tube bending machines market. This can be attributed to regional growth in construction and automotive industries and a ready adoption for automation in these industries among market players. 

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) is not lacking far behind in this market. It attributes current trends of steady growth to an upcoming construction industry that is giving up traditional methods of manufacturing for automated facilities. 

People in Latin America too are giving increased recognition to automated products and this should give a healthy increase in the number of pipe and tube bending machines employed in their regional industries. 

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Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market

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