Phthalic Anhydride Market

Phthalic Anhydride Market for Phthalate Plasticizers, Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPRs), Alkyd Resins and Other Applications - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013 - 2019

Phthalic anhydride (PA) is a chemical intermediate and is mainly used as a catalyst in the manufacturing of plasticizers. It is an organic compound produced by the oxidation of orthoxylene or naphthalene. Key application of phthalic anhydride includes production of phthalate plasticizers for making polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is further used on a large scale in construction and automobile industry. The other significant applications of phthalic anhydride include unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), alkyd resins, pigments and dyes among others.

The revenue generated by the global PA market was USD 6,465.1 million in 2012 which is expected to grow to USD 9,589.8 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2013 to 2019. Phthalate plasticizers are the largest application segment for the PA market followed by unsaturated polyester resins and alkyd resins. The other growing applications of PA include dyes and pigments, herbicides and insecticides, detergents, saccharin, fire retardants and polyester resin cross-linking agents.

Automobiles, construction, land and marine transportation are the major end users of PA. Automobile and construction dominated the global PA consumption and the positive growth in this industry across the globe is driving the PA market. The rise in the consumption of polyvinyl chloride in the automobile and construction industry is driving the demand for phthalate plasticizers which is propelling the growth in PA market. However, alkyd resin market is the most attractive application in the PA market owing to strong growth prospects.

The demand for phthalic anhydride has been driven by strong global demand for phthalate plasticizers. The phthalate plasticizers market dominated the demand for PA and accounted for 56.5% of the global volume consumed in 2012. Growing demand from the phthalate plasticizers market and strong demand from Asia Pacific has remained the major growth driver for the PA market. UPR is another important outlet for PA, which accounted for 18.1% share of the total PA volume consumed in 2012. The growing demand of phthalate plasticizers in the production of polyvinyl chloride and unsaturated polyester resins in the manufacturing of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) is expected to drive the global PA market in the next six years.

The global PA market is segmented based on geography. Asia Pacific represents the largest and the most important market for the PA industry. In the recent past, PA market was driven by emerging nations such as China, India and Brazil. The PA market witnessed significant decline in demand due to the global economic slowdown during 2008 and 2009. However, the PA market has witnessed steady rise in demand since 2010 due to the upsurge in end user industries following the revival of the global economy. Moreover, ever rising demand for phthalate plasticizers in PVC applications is expected to trigger demand for PA in the automobile and construction industry.

Plasticizers which are produced by using phthalic anhydride as a raw material are known as phthalate plasticizers. Non-phthalate plasticizers are produced from esters based on acids which do not contain impurities of phthalic anhydride. Global consumption of lower-molecular-weight phthalates used for manufacturing of plasticizers is expected to decline in many regions due to replacement, mostly by non-phthalates. The main cause for this replacement can be attributed to the advantages offered by non-phthalate plasticizers over their phthalate counterparts.

The raw materials for manufacturing phthalic anhydride are provided by petrochemical companies. Integration is a striking feature of the market and different large petrochemical companies integrate forward into manufacturing of phthalates and plasticizers. Exxon Mobil Corporation and BASF SE are among the key companies with significant level of integration across the value chain that manufacture phthalic anhydride along with its raw materials and application products. UPC Technology Corporation, Aekyung Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Exxon Mobil Corporation, BASF SE and Polynt SPA are some of the major manufacturers of phthalic anhydride.

    1. Preface

        1.1. Research Description

        1.2. Market segmentation

            1.2.1. Global PA market segmentation, application and geography

        1.3. Research Scope

        1.4. Research Methodology

    2. Executive Summary

        2.1. Global PA market, 2012-2019, (Kilo Tons) (USD Million)

    3. Phthalic Anhydride - Industry Analysis

        3.1. Introduction

        3.2. Value Chain Analysis

        3.3. Market Drivers

            3.3.1. Increased demand for plasticizers for use in PVC from India and China

       Global PVC market volume, 2012-2019 (Million Tons)

       Global plasticizers market, volume and revenue, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Billion)

       Global plasticizers market volume share, by region, 2012

            3.3.2. Growing demand for unsaturated polyester resins

       Global unsaturated polyester resin market revenue, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

        3.4. Market Restraints

            3.4.1. Stringent environmental regulations on the use of phthalates and alkyd resins

       Global plasticizers volume consumption market share, by application, 2012-2019

            3.4.2. Development of non-phthalate plasticizers

        3.5. Market Opportunities

            3.5.1. Growing paints and coating industry

        3.6. Porter’s Five Force Analysis

            3.6.1. Bargaining power of suppliers

            3.6.2. Bargaining power of buyers

            3.6.3. Threat of new entrants

            3.6.4. Threat of substitutes

            3.6.5. Degree of competition

        3.7. Market attractiveness analysis

            3.7.1. Global PA market attractiveness, by application, 2012

        3.8. Company market share analysis

            3.8.1. Global PA market share, by company, 2012

    4. Phthalic Anhydride - Application Analysis

        4.1. Global Phthalic Anhydride market: application overview

            4.1.1. Global PA market volume share, by application, 2012-2019

       Global PA market volume share, by application, 2012-2019

        4.2. Global Phthalic Anhydride Market, by application, 2012-2019

            4.2.1. Phthalate plasticizers

       Global PA market for phthalate plasticizers, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Million)

            4.2.2. Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR)

       Global PA market for unsaturated polyester resins, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Million)

            4.2.3. Alkyd resins

       Global PA market for alkyd resins, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Million)

            4.2.4. Others

       Global PA for other applications, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons) (USD Million)

    5. Phthalic Anhydride - Regional Analysis

        5.1. Global phthalic anhydride market: geographical overview

            5.1.1. Global PA market volume share, by region, 2012-2019

        5.2. North America

            5.2.1. North America PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

            5.2.2. North America PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

        5.3. Europe

            5.3.1. Europe PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

            5.3.2. Europe PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

        5.4. Asia Pacific

            5.4.1. Asia Pacific PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

            5.4.2. Asia Pacific PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

        5.5. ROW

            5.5.1. ROW PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo tons)

            5.5.2. ROW PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

    6. Company Profiles

        6.1. UPC Technology Corporation

            6.1.1. Company overview

            6.1.2. Financial overview

            6.1.3. Business strategy

            6.1.4. SWOT analysis

            6.1.5. Recent developments

        6.2. Aekyung Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

            6.2.1. Company overview

            6.2.2. Financial overview

            6.2.3. Business strategy

            6.2.4. SWOT analysis

            6.2.5. Recent developments

        6.3. BASF SE

            6.3.1. Company overview

            6.3.2. Financial overview

            6.3.3. Business strategy

            6.3.4. SWOT analysis

            6.3.5. Recent developments

        6.4. Exxon Mobil Corporation

            6.4.1. Company overview

            6.4.2. Financial overview

            6.4.3. Business strategy

            6.4.4. SWOT analysis

            6.4.5. Recent developments

        6.5. Polynt SpA

            6.5.1. Company overview

            6.5.2. Financial overview

            6.5.3. Business strategy

            6.5.4. SWOT analysis

            6.5.5. Recent developments

        6.6. Stepan Company

            6.6.1. Company overview

            6.6.2. Financial overview

            6.6.3. Business strategy

            6.6.4. SWOT analysis

            6.6.5. Recent developments

        6.7. Proviron Industries NV

            6.7.1. Company overview

            6.7.2. Financial overview

            6.7.3. Business strategy

            6.7.4. SWOT analysis

            6.7.5. Recent developments

        6.8. Koppers Inc.

            6.8.1. Company overview

            6.8.2. Financial overview

            6.8.3. Business strategy

            6.8.4. SWOT analysis

            6.8.5. Recent developments

        6.9. Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.

            6.9.1. Company overview

            6.9.2. Financial overview

            6.9.3. Business strategy

            6.9.4. SWOT analysis

            6.9.5. Recent developments

        6.10. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc.

            6.10.1. Company overview

            6.10.2. Financial overview

            6.10.3. Business strategy

            6.10.4. SWOT analysis

            6.10.5. Recent developments

        6.11. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

            6.11.1. Company overview

            6.11.2. Financial overview

            6.11.3. Business strategy

            6.11.4. SWOT analysis

            6.11.5. Recent developments

        6.12. I G Petrochemicals Ltd.

            6.12.1. Company overview

            6.12.2. Financial overview

            6.12.3. Business strategy

            6.12.4. SWOT analysis

            6.12.5. Recent developments

    List of Tables

    TABLE 1: Global PA market snapshot

    TABLE 2: Drivers for Phthalic Anhydride market: impact analysis

    TABLE 3: Restraints for phthalic anhydride market: impact analysis

    TABLE 4: North America PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

    TABLE 5: North America market for PA, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

    TABLE 6: Europe PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

    TABLE 7: Europe PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

    TABLE 8: Asia Pacific PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

    TABLE 9: Asia Pacific PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

    TABLE 10: ROW PA market, volume, by application segment, 2012-2019 (Kilo Tons)

    TABLE 11: ROW PA market, revenue, by application segment, 2012-2019 (USD Million)

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