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Oat Milk Market

Oat Milk Market - Global Industry, Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2021-2031

Increasing Vegan & Lactose Intolerant Population Fuels Demand in Oat Milk Market

The increasing trend of veganism has put an impetus on not only developing and manufacturing food and beverage products produced only from natural materials that do not include any type of animal product, but also on offering the conusmers with alternative products that can serve as a substitute for traditionally animal-produced food products. One of the major industries affected by this animal-free trend of veganism is milk market. While milk is one of the most nutritional products on the Earth, it is traditionally sourced from animals, such as cows, sheep, buffalo, and goat. The rising demand for vegan milk products owing to veganism as well as lactose intolerance is supplementing the growth within the global oat milk market.

Alternative milk products can be sourced from a number of plants and vegetation, such as almonds, soy, oats, cashews, various seeds, coconuts, rice, and hemp, among others. These milk products each provide the conusmers with different tastes as well as different types of nutritional benefits. The rising demand and customer interest in plant based milk products is fueling the demand within the global oat milk market. The products in the global oat milk market are popular amongst the vegan customers owing to their nutritional benefits, such as rich protein content, high carbohydrates, and healthy amount of fats as well as minerals and vitamins.

Rising Demand from Health Conscious Young Population Favors Growth in Oat Milk Market

The oat milk and oat milk based products in the global oat milk market also attract additional momentum amongst health conscious conusmers because they feature very low levels of cholesterol and are gluten free in nature. The increasing demand for animal cruelty free products as well as rising demand for plant based milk products, such as ice creams, butters, etc. is also likely to enhance the development of the global oat milk market in coming years. Majority of the demand within the global oat milk market can be attributed to the young demographic strata of the global population.

Increasing awareness pertaining to animal cruelty and sense of environmental responsibility has instilled a larger demand for plant based milk products in young generations. Furthermore, the rising middle class population, especially in urban settings, is also heavily contributing to the added demand for the solutions and products in the global oat milk market. This trend can be attributed to the increased demand from this particular demographic strata for high end healthy food products. The products in the global oat milk market amount for healthy demands because they feature a nutritional profile that is very similar to soy protein.

Growing Demand from Restaurants and Cafes Supports the Expansion of Oat Milk Market

The growing prevalence of lactose intolerance as well as the increasing vegan population across the globe has compelled the stakeholders in hospitality and restaurants sector to invest in vegan cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, several leading hospitality and restaurant chains have started altering their menus to offer plant based milk substitutes or options for their dishes. Many cafes, including Starbucks, have started including oat milk and soy milk in their menus as a replacement or substitute for dairy based milk. This trend is anticipated to generate substantial revenue in the global oat milk market within the next few years.

The leading incumbent players operating within the global oat milk market, such as SunOpta, Inc., Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing, HP Hood LLC, PureHarvest, Otis Oat Milk, Oatly AB, Danone S. A., Vitasoy International Holdings Limited, WhiteWave Services, Inc., Silk, Planet Oat, and Califia Farms, LLC, are diversifying their product portfolios by introducing oat milk products that feature various flavors, tastes, and colors. For instance, a new oat milk based chocolates range was introduced by the Cadbury’s in March of 2021. This range include oat milk chocolates in flavors such as Cookies No Cream, Salty Pretzel, Smooth & Creamy, and Salted Caramel. Players in the global oat milk market are striving to fulfil consumer demands for vegan, dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, and clean label products.


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