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Nursing Pillow Market

Nursing Pillow Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Nursing Pillow Market: Introduction

  • New mothers need to feed their babies every 2-3 hours a day, which compels the new mothers to sit in an uncomfortable position for a considerably long time. This can hurt their body posture, which also can become painful for the mothers in the long run. Nursing pillows can be helpful to avoid this discomfort. Nursing pillows are designed to support and keep the baby at breast height. Additionally, nursing pillows also help to relieve back, shoulder, and neck stiffness by enabling the baby to properly align with the mother’s body while sitting upright.

Key Drivers and Opportunities and Restraining factor of the Nursing Pillow Market

  • Most breastfeeding pillows are designed to bend at the waist while supporting the baby at just the right height to reach the breast or bottle. Having said that, there are many nursing positions before the user can find the right one. Ideally, the baby should be tilted to the mother, and the pillow should be as close to the mother’s body as possible. Mothers can also use a pillow to support the baby when trying to stand upright, such as holding a koala. These benefits are expected to boost the nursing pillow market.
  • Multiple benefits of using a nursing pillow are driving its popularity among mothers. The best nursing pillows can be used during pregnancy; they can support the would-be mother in her sleep. And after the baby arrives, some pillowcases help to lift the baby during pregnancy or hold the baby for the first time.
  • Nursing pillows are available in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes, and functionalities. They are available in C-shape, classic U-shape, and V-shape. Manufacturers are developing new customized products comprising new technology and functionalities, which is likely to boost their popularity among consumers and consequently, propel the nursing pillow market. 
  • Many end-users use this type of pillow to bottle feed their newborn. A feeding pillow supports the baby's head and neck properly, reducing the chances of injury. Companies are focusing to creating awareness about nursing pillows with innovative marketing strategies. This increasing awareness is projected to propel the global nursing pillow market.
  • However, consumers and manufacturers face numerous challenges that may hinder the supply chain of nursing pillows, worldwide, such as low awareness about these products and the small invasion of low-income producers. Additionally, these restrictive factors are expected to create significant opportunity for key manufacturers to expand their business, collaborate with local distributors, and enter the market for pillows in low-income countries.
  • There are a few factors that are likely to hinder the nursing pillow market. The use of nursing pillows has also led to the unfortunate death of some infants. This comes almost a year after the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned caregivers never to allow infants to sleep on lounging pads, intended for children to sit or sleep on when they wake up, or nursing pillows that are intended to make breastfeeding easier. When children are left unattended or asleep on these products, they may roll over or fall head down in a way that may block their breathing and lead to respiratory failure. These unfortunate incidents are estimated to hamper the nursing pillows market.

Regional Major Share of the Nursing Pillow Market

  • In terms of region, the nursing pillows market is classified into North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and South America (SA)
  • North America is the leading market for nursing pillows, which is expected to expand in the near future. The U.S. is home to some of the major players of the market. The Boppy Company is expected to hold a prominent share of the market due to its innovative features, designed by mothers, and branding their products as “our children”. The market in APAC is estimated to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period. Increase in income and rise in number of people born in the region are key factors that are projected to fuel the market in the region. The presence of developing countries such as India and China is likely to play a major role in driving the market in Asia Pacific. In addition to COVID's impact on the market, countries such as India gained significant market share through active participation of start-ups such as Mom Store, which grew by 200% during the epidemic.

Key Players Operating in Global Nursing Pillow Market

  • LeachCo
  • Nursing Pillow, LLC
  • The Boppy Company, LLC
  • Prince Lionheart, Inc
  • Zenoff Products
  • Queen Rose
  • PharMeDoc
  • Naomi Home
  • Cozy Bump Corporation
  • Medela AG
  • Easygrow AS
  • Babymoov
  • Theraline UK

Global Nursing Pillow Market: Research Scope

Global Nursing Pillow Market: by Type

  • C-shaped pillows
  • U-shaped pillow
  • V-shaped pillows
  • Two-sided nursing pillows

Global Nursing Pillow Market, by Price

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Global Nursing Pillow Market, by Distribution Channel

  • Online
    • Company Website
    • E-commerce Website
  • Offline
    • Specialty Stores
    • Supermarket/ Hypermarket
    • Franchise stores

Global Nursing Pillow Market, by Material

  • Organic Filling Pillow
  • The Memory Foam Nursing Pillow
  • Hypo-Allergic Filling Nursing Pillow
  • Micro Beads Foam Nursing Pillow

Global Nursing Pillow Market, by End-user

  • Individual
  • Commercial (Hospitals, Health care Institutions)

Global Nursing Pillow Market, by Region

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Rest of North America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • France
    • U.K.
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Australia
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
    • GCC
    • South Africa
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Rest of South America


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