Non-Meat Ingredient Market: Introduction:

Non-Meat Ingredient are ingredients used in the processing of meat related food products in industrial level to enhance the texture, volume, flavor and other characteristics of the processed meat food. Non-Meat Ingredient are sourced from the plant, animals, and synthetic origins. The manufacturer uses non-meat ingredient extensively too in their products to increase shelf life and stability of the products which is expected to drive the market for non-meat ingredient. The non-meat ingredient market is driven by the rise in consumption of added meat products and improved technologies to increased shelf life of such products which makes it more cost effective to produce by the manufacturers. North America and Europe is anticipated to dominate the non-meat ingredient market due to high consumption of processed meat in the region.

Non-Meat Ingredient Market: Segmentation:

The Non-Meat Ingredient market can be segmented on the basis of origin, raw material, and application.

On the basis of origin, the segmentation for non-meat ingredient market can be done as plant, animal and synthetic. The plant origin is expected to dominate the non-meat ingredient market over the forecast period. The synthetic segment to follow after plant segment due to cost effective benefits over the animal segment.

On the basis of raw material, the segmentation of non-meat ingredient market can be done as sodium nitrates, hydrocolloids, phosphates, milk protein, gelatin, blood protein, carrageenan, glutamates, vegetable oils, and sugars. The vegetable oil is expected to dominate the raw material segment due to its versatile application in the meat processing.

On the basis of application, segmentation for Non-Meat Ingredient market can be done as flavoring, taste enhancers, coloring agent, binder, texture enhancers, extenders, and fillers.  

Non-Meat Ingredient Market: Region-wise Outlook:

North America is anticipated to stay lucrative market for the non-meat ingredient as a large amount of processed meat product is consumed in the region which is attributed to boosting demand for the non-meat ingredient market. Europe to follow North America in terms of value share in non-meta ingredient market. The Latin America and APAC non-meat ingredient market is expected to form major growing market over the forecast period to the rapid increase in modern trade and increased consumption of frozen meat products.

Non-Meat Ingredient Market: Drivers and Restraints:

The non-meat ingredient market is expected to be driven the versatile application of the non-meat ingredient products in meat processing over the forecast period. The advent of new technology to extend shelf life through packaging and efficient freezing has made frozen meat products cost effective and penetrable to untapped markets which are attributed to increasing demand from manufacturers for non-meat ingredient over the forecast period.

Strict 5regulation and limitation in production are anticipated to cause restraint in the non-meat ingredient market over the forecast period. The advent of new techniques to reduce the use of Non-Meat Ingredient is also expected to result in restraint in non-meat ingredient market.

Non-Meat Ingredient Market: Key Players:

The key global player for the non-meat ingredient market are Wenda America Inc., Kerry Inc., Koninklijke DSM N.V., Ripon Select Food Ltd., Eleven Food Group, Shokuken Co., Ltd., Cargill, Inc., and AEP Colloids.

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