In 2011, New Zealand baby food and pediatric nutrition market register a growth of 1.9% over 2010 market value of USD 54.6 million. However, the volume growth was negative and stood at -0.89% during 2010 – 2011. The value growth was primarily driven by the unit price rise in all the major segments. Lowered production of animal milk during 2009 – 2010 eventually affected the price rise of milk formula products in 2011. 

This report provides a holistic view to the overall New Zealand Baby Food and Pediatric Nutrition market with over view of Australasia Market and 11 year market data & forecast based on following segmentation:

By Product

  • Bottled baby food
  • Baby cereals
  • Baby snacks
  • Baby soups
  • Canned & Frozen baby foods

By Type

  • Dried Baby Food
  • Milk Formula
  • Prepared Baby Food
  • Other Baby Food

Country Covered

  • New Zealand