All Natural Food and Drinks Market

All Natural Food and Drinks Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019

Standard food and drink production and processing involve the indiscriminate use of artificial colors, antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, tastes, and sweeteners, which causes a number of negative effects when consumed. For instance, the consumption of foods containing chemicals like acrylamide and potassium bromate can lead to major health concerns such as birth abnormalities, cancer, cognitive problems, depression, and respiratory troubles. As a result, consumers prefer natural foods and beverages in order to keep themselves healthy and safe.

A higher standard of life is the outcome of an increase in discretionary income. Due to their hectic schedules, people are also becoming increasingly urbanized, working longer hours each week, and demanding more nutritious and high-quality meals. In addition, conventional food contributes to a number of health problems, which is predicted to increase demand on the global market. As a result, the global all natural food and drinks market is expected to grow as consumers increasingly prefer these items to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Customers can now buy premium natural foods and beverages due to the improvement in global economy. This factor is likely to drive demand for all natural food and drinks.

Additionally, shoppers prefer to buy natural food and beverages from retail establishments like supermarkets and hypermarkets, although the trend is migrating to online platforms. For many businesses, online sales are now their main source of income. The demand for organic beverages and food products is being further augmented by customers' shifting preferences in the health drink segment, which is moving toward nutrient-dense goods.

In developed regions such as Europe, consumers of organic products are becoming more prevalent, which is likely to raise the demand for organic coconut water. Consumption for coconut products is anticipated to increase throughout the projected period as more innovative coconut products hit the market. Natural beverages are advantageous to consume since they are made sans the addition of synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or other processes that are bad for customers' long-term wellbeing.

The market is divided into three categories: paperboard, cans, and others—all based on packaging. In the global market for natural food & beverages in 2021, the cans category obtained a sizable revenue share. Since they are so portable and practical, beverage cans are highly valued. The fact that they are lightweight, strong, and do not break easily makes them ideal for active lifestyles like camping, hiking, as well as other outdoor activities. Cans are especially well suited for use outside, where glass bottles are not permitted, such as concerts, stadiums, and sporting events, allowing people to drink their favored beer at any place and time.

Convenience Stores, Natural or Health Food Stores, Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Online Retails, and various others are the market segments depending on the distribution channel. In terms of sales, the global market for natural foods and beverages in 2021 was dominated by the supermarket/hypermarket category. This happened as a result of how convenient it was to shop under one roof with so many different items and categories, depending on the distribution method.

In terms of revenue, North America dominated the market for all natural food and drinks in 2021. This is primarily due to evolving dietary habits and lifestyles in the bordering nations, which is projected to stimulate growth of the North America market. The rapid popularity of natural foods and beverages was also facilitated by Americans' and Canadians' high discretionary income.

Due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, alluring discounts as compared to brick-and-mortar stores, rising e-commerce sales, and simple payment methods, the category of online sources of natural food and beverages is anticipated to have substantial expansion in the upcoming years. Additionally, the development and usage of online commerce is fueled by the busy lifestyle, expansion of the working populace, and rigorous work schedules. Development of online commerce is expected to support growing demand for all natural food and drinks.




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