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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market: Water Conservation & Management Need of Hour

  • Increase in industrialization, rapid urbanization, and constant decline in per capita availability of water are placing a lot of strain on the available water resources to meet the overall demand
  • Rise in gap between water availability and its demand is driving the attention toward the implementation of water management and conservation techniques
  • Conservation of surface water and ground water resources can help tackle the rising problem of water shortages. Moreover, protecting the water quality from deteriorating would also be a major step towards water conservation and management initiative.  
  • Wastewater treatment helps in meeting these initiatives, enabling recycling and reusing of water for non-potable applications. This helps in meeting the demand and conserving water resources for non-priority applications.

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Key Drivers of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market

  • Growth in scarcity of freshwater sources is a key driver of the municipal wastewater treatment chemical market. Availability of freshwater has decreased significantly across the globe. Water pollution has increased exponentially over the last few years. Rise in industrialization and urbanization has boosted the volume of wastewater globally, making it one of the major concerns for sustainable development of the society.
  • Increase in environmental concerns and rise in stringent regulations and legislations regarding wastewater are also key drivers of the municipal wastewater treatment chemical market. Governments and regulatory authorities have formulated and implemented various regulations to promote water conservation and reduce water pollution.
  • Unlike some of the developed countries such as the U.S., Canada, and those in Western Europe, significant share of the overall wastewater generated from various industries in developing regions is discharged untreated or minimally treated into public water sources
  • Increase in urbanization and rise in municipal wastewater generation are other major drivers of the market. Increase in population and growth in awareness regarding water pollution, water quality, and wastewater treatment are factors driving the municipal wastewater treatment chemical market.

High Capital and Operating Costs of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants May Restrain Market

  • Based upon technology options and plant size, capital investment is a major and critical component in determining the wastewater treatment system to be employed. Advancement in technology and treatment solutions has not only resulted in high quality treatment methods, but has also increased capital costs significantly.
  • The day-today operational cost of municipal wastewater treatment plants is also quite high. This can also restrain the market.

Recycle and Reuse of Treated Water to Provide New Opportunities to Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market

  • Recycling of wastewater, primarily gray water, provides immense opportunities for reusing the treated water in several non-potable applications such as agriculture, landscape, public parks, and golf course irrigation
  • Gray water is reusable wastewater from sources such as residential, commercial, and industrial bathroom sinks, bath tubs, shower drains, and clothes washing equipment drains
  • Several water recycling projects are being developed to meet the demand for non-potable water applications; however, a number of projects utilize recycled water indirectly for potable purposes. These projects include recharging of groundwater aquifers and augmenting surface water reservoirs with recycled water.

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Asia Pacific Likely to Hold Major Share of Global Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market

Asia Pacific is likely to dominate the global municipal waste water treatment chemical market in the near future. It is expected to be followed by North America and Europe. The region is one of largest producers of wastewater and has been implementing strict environmental policies regarding wastewater.

  • Developing countries in Asia Pacific, especially China and India, are planning to implement advanced wastewater treatment and have invested and supported implementation of sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. Regulatory authorities have also enacted strict regulations for wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting in their respective geographies.
  • Rise in public awareness and government initiatives for municipal wastewater tretament is anticipated to boost the demand for municipal wastewater treatment chemicals in North America and Europe
  • Increase in concerns about water quality and water availability in Latin America and Middle East & Africa is likely to drive the demand for municipal wastewater treatment chemical market in these regions

Key Players in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market

Prominent players operating in the municipal wastewater treatment chemical market include:

  • SUEZ
  • Veolia Water Technologies
  • Kemira Oyj
  • AkzoNobel N.V
  • ChemTreat
  • Feralco AB
  • Others

Global Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market: Research Scope

Global Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemical Market, by Type

  • Coagulants
  • pH Adjusters & Softeners
  • Flocculants
  • Biocides & Disinfectants
  • Scale Inhibitors & Dispersants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Others (including Defoamers and Sludge Conditioners) 

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