Milk Mineral Concentrate Market

Milk Mineral Concentrate Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Milk Mineral Concentrate Market

Milk mineral concentrate is a normally accessible type of milk mineral determined by an exceptional separation measure. Additionally, milk mineral packs have high content of various milk minerals such as phosphoric acids, calcium, and others. Milk minerals are crucial for human wellbeing explicitly for bones. Milk is considered as a magnificent wellspring of minerals, nutrients, and proteins. Milk mineral concentrate is utilized for calcium, fortress of newborn child recipes and utilitarian food varieties and drinks.

The growing awareness about personal health and expanding utilization of milk protein concentrates in food and refreshment items, for example, cheddar and yogurt are the key elements driving development of the milk protein concentrate market. Improvement of the developing business sectors, for example, Brazil, Russia, India and China are probably going to embrace higher protein slims down. Milk protein concentrates are utilized in normal refreshments, refined items, and to invigorate frozen pastries. Also, ordinarily utilized meat protein can build the danger of coronary illness and stroke, which has prompted high appropriation of milk protein concentrate.

The ascent in the quantity of working ladies, expanded rates of birth in a few nations with higher protein deficiency and the developing mindfulness among guardians about healthful advantages of newborn child recipe is causing the worldwide milk protein concentrate market to develop at a considerable rate in the years to come.

Milk Mineral Concentrate Market Outlook        

Milk mineral concentrate is a naturally available form of milk mineral derived by a unique isolation process. In general, milk mineral concentrate are rich in calcium, phosphoric acid, and other milk minerals. Milk minerals like are vital for human health specifically for bones. Milk is considered as an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Milk mineral concentrate is used for calcium, fortification of infant formula and functional foods and beverages.

According to research studies, it has been known that bioavailability of calcium is better than other calcium sources. Milk mineral concentrate offers better bone health and supports in weight management. Growing need towards calcium and mineral rich foods among consumer groups is encouraging fortification of foods and beverages which is also having a positive impact on the market growth of milk mineral concentrate.

Milk Mineral Concentrate Market: Reasons for Covering this Title

Milk mineral concentrate offered by companies vary by mesh size and nutritional profile. The report includes a detailed study on the milk mineral concentrate market with extensive market dynamics related to it across various points of its value chain. Multiple factors have been determining milk mineral concentrate market which has a more significant influence on the milk mineral concentrate market like the demand for infant nutrition and dietary supplements.

Global Milk Mineral Concentrate: Market Segmentation

On the basis of source, the global milk mineral concentrate market has been segmented as –

  • Cow Milk
  • Buffalo Milk
  • Goat Milk
  • Others

On the basis of application, the global milk mineral concentrate market has been segmented as –

  • Infant Nutrition
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
  • Dairy Processing
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Bakery and Confectionery
  • Others
milk mineral concentrate market

Europe is expected to sustain its competitive position in the milk mineral concentrate market regarding volume with an estimated market share of 35% with the presence of primary dairy ingredients producers including milk mineral concentrate producers. North America is expected to rank second in the milk mineral concentrate market with estimated higher production of milk mineral concentrate. Asia-Pacific is estimated to grow at fastest rates in milk mineral concentrate market owing to the large-scale production of milk and increasing demand for infant nutrition (a major consumer of milk mineral concentrate) in the region over the forecast period.

Global Milk Mineral Concentrate Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global milk mineral concentrate market are Arla Foods Ingredients, Armor Proteines, Food Ingredient Technology Co., Ltd., Lactalis Ingredients, Garuda International Inc., Fonterra, Donaghys, ADM, MG Ingredients, Whiteoakmills, Draco Ingredients, and others.

Opportunities for Market Participants

An uptrend will be noticed in the milk mineral concentrate market over the forecast period. Adoption of ultrafiltration technology has resulted in a wide array of opportunities to the dairy manufacturers. Fortification of dairy minerals offered liquid dairy products similar taste as that of fresh dairy products. This innovation was evident with the patented technology of Kraft Foods in the year 2013. The patent application includes the manufacture of four new liquid dairy products “fortified with dairy minerals” including calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium. Likewise, advancements in dairy processing and adoption for the same will explore growth potential for milk mineral concentrate market.

global milk mineral concentrate market

Exhibit 2 depicts major influencing factors for milk mineral concentrate market. Increase in demand for calcium and other milk minerals has boosted demand for calcium-fortified and mineral-rich foods and beverages which has encouraged higher demand for mineral concentrates production.

The expansion is the commonly adopted strategy by the major players in the milk mineral concentrate market which has laid a framework for all their operations and activities.

Milk Mineral Concentrates Market: Key Developments

  • In 2016, Archer Daniels Midland focused on expanding its offerings in the market in Asia Pacific. The company is focused on participating in exhibitions to display its products for social networking and to increase trade activities.
  • In 2016, Arla Foods opened a new production plant in Dakar, Senegal.
  • In 2014, Archer Daniels Midland expanded its product offerings in the market in Asia Pacific to leverage the potential opportunities arising from the increasing demand for Infant Nutritional and feed premixes in the countries in this region. This also enables the company to increase product penetration and expand its consumer base in the region, as well as globally

By end use, infant nutrition is likely to be the key segment driving the usage of milk mineral concentrates. Following infant nutrition, dietary supplements form a major share in the application of milk mineral concentrate.  Among sub-segments of dietary supplements, bone health and weight control are gaining traction for milk mineral concentrate. Highest growth is projected in functional food and beverages over the forecast period for milk mineral concentrate.


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