Mexico Digital Radiology Market

Mexico Digital Radiology Market: Industry Size, Share, Trends,Analysis And Forecasts 2012 - 2018

This report on the Mexico digital radiology market tracks the advancement and trends in radiology in the country and offers insightful data on the digital imaging market. The field of medical imaging has been significantly impacted over recent years with the emergence of digital imaging devices. As the benefits of digital technology in diagnostic imaging continue to grow, every discipline of medicine that uses medical imaging has developed tremendously. 

The research report provides an in-depth analysis of the size and scope of the market during the forecast period of 2012-2018. It studies the various product segments, major players, market share, growth strategies and estimate market value. It also assesses the factors that have influenced digital radiology in Mexico, while identifying market drivers, restraints and growth opportunities. 

While comparing the Mexico digital radiology market with North America’s overall development, the report also offers a global perspective on the industry.


The global digital radiology market was estimated at $9.7 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach $13.3 billion by 2018, growing at CAGR of 5.4%. Dominating the global market, North America accounts for 41.9% of the industry share. Mexico has grown as a medical tourism destination, and it is reported that healthcare in the country is comparable to that in the U.S. Cutting-edge medical technology and highly-qualified doctors backed by the efforts of the Mexican Society of Radiology and the Mexican Federation of Radiology, have boosted Mexico’s digital radiology market.

Digital radiology offers a plethora of benefits such as accurate and high-quality images, flexibility in image management, superior evaluation of images and data, reduced exposure to radiation, and improved patient turnouts. These factors have made digital radiology more popular compared to computed radiology. With increasing demand for digital radiography equipment, the competition has increased, leading to a decline in prices. Digital radiology has become more affordable and is being used in a wide-range of applications. Increasing R&D activities in Mexico, along with government initiatives, has further propelled the Mexico digital radiology market.

However, despite digital radiology becoming more affordable in recent years, its cost of initial installation and outlay cost is extremely high. This limits its penetration in smaller clinics and medical centers, and restricts the overall growth of the market. Moreover, digital radiography rooms require to undergo complete renovations, forcing buyers to opt for computed radiography systems in the interim period.

Companies mentioned in the Mexico digital radiology market research report

Some of the international players that have penetrated Mexico’s digital radiology market include Canon USA, GE Healthcare, Afga HealthCare, Carestream Health, Siemens Healthcare, and Swissray International. The research report has a detailed section on company profiles, providing quantitative as well as qualitative insights on each company.


    1. Introduction

    1.1. Key Points Covered

    1.2. Report Description

    1.3. Stakeholders

    1.4. Research Methodology


    2. Executive Summary


    3. Digital Radiology Market Overview - Mexico

    3.1. Market Trends and Future Outlook

    3.2. Market Size

    3.3. Market Share

    3.4. Growth Drivers

    3.5. Restraints

    3.6. Opportunities

    3.7. Pricing Trends 

    3.8. Digital Radiology, Market Segmentation

    3.9. Digital Radiology, Mexico, Overall Revenue 

    3.10. Digital Radiology, Mexico, Category Volume 

    3.11. Digital Radiology, Mexico, Company Share


    4. Digital Detectors Devices

    4.1. Market Overview

    4.2. Digital Detectors Market Size and Forecast

    4.3. Digital Detectors Overall Volume

    4.4. Digital Detectors Company Share

    4.5. Recent Developments


    5. Mobile X-ray System

    5.1. Market Overview

    5.2. Mobile X-ray System Market Size and Forecast

    5.3. Mobile X-ray System Company Share

    5.4. Mobile X-ray System Overall Volume

    5.5. Recent Developments


    6. Portable Radiography System

    6.1. Market Overview

    6.2. Portable Radiography System Market Size and Forecast

    6.3. Portable Radiography System Company Share

    6.4. Portable Radiography System Overall Volume

    6.5. Recent Developments


    7. Mobile C-Arm

    7.1. Market Overview

    7.2. Portable Radiography System Market Size and Forecast

    7.3. Portable Radiography System Company Share

    7.4. Portable Radiography System Overall Volume

    7.5. Recent Developments


    8. Competitive Landscape

    8.1. Summary

    8.2. Market Share by Key Players

    8.3. Competitive Strategy by Key Players

    8.4. Agreements and Collaborations

    8.5. Recent Developments


    9. Recommendations

    9.1. Market Strategy for Success

    9.2. Barriers to be Considered

    9.3. Future Assumptions


    10. Company Profiles 

    10.1. Philips Healthcare 

         10.1.1. Company Overview 

         10.1.2. Product Profile 

         10.1.3. Growth Strategy 

         10.1.4. Financial Overview 

         10.1.5. Recent Development 

         10.1.6. SWOT Analysis

    10.2. Canon Medical 

          10.2.1. Company Overview 

          10.2.2. Product Profile 

          10.2.3. Growth Strategy 

          10.2.4. Financial Overview 

          10.2.5. Recent Development 

          10.2.6. SWOT Analysis 

    10.3. GE Healthcare 

          10.3.1. Company Overview 

          10.3.2. Product Profile 

          10.3.3. Growth Strategy 

          10.3.4. Financial Overview 

          10.3.5. Recent Development 

          10.3.6. SWOT Analysis 

    10.4. Others

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