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Metalized Barrier Films Market

Metalized Barrier Films Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027

Global Metalized Barrier Films Market: Overview

Global metalized barrier films market is expected to make rapid strides along its growth trajectory over the period of forecast, from 2019 to 2027. Lately, metalized barrier films have emerged as a crucial component of packaging sector. These barrier films have gained substantial attraction from the manufacturers due to their wide application across numerous end-use industries. Metalized barrier films have come up as a alternative solutions for aluminum foil packaging. Besides, glossy metallic appearance of the film offers together with diminished cost and weight have become an attractive option for the packaging industry.

Expansion of the packaged food and beverage industry owing to hectic lifestyle of the people has supported growth of the global metalized barrier films market. Metalized films inhibit external environment from affecting the packaging from within. With reduced cost and high insulation, metalized barrier films are getting increasingly popular.

Global Metalized Barrier Films Market: Notable Developments

The global metalized barrier films market has witnessed some developments in the last few years. One such significant development in the market is mentioned below:

  • In 2018, Leicester-based renowned packaging company, Clifton Packaging Group has made heavy investment of about US$ 3.6 mn to procure highly advanced new equipment like Bimec slitter, KBA-Flexotecnica Evo XD press, to improve the production capabilities of the company. With such heavy investment by the company, it is expected that packaging products like metalized barrier films will be benefitted in terms of technological advancement and reach.

Some of the reputed organizations functioning in the global metalized barrier films market are as mentioned below:

  • Clifton Packaging Group
  • Jindal Poly Films Ltd
  • Toray Industries Inc.
  • Kendall Packaging
  • DUNMORE Corporation Ltd
  • Polyplex Corporation Ltd.

Global Metalized Barrier Films Market: Key Trends

The following drivers, restrains, and opportunities is expected to shape the future course of the global metalized barrier films market during the study tenure, from 2019 to 2027.

Increased Demand for Packaged Food and Beverage Items Spurs Demand in the Market

Two of the major challenges that plague the packaging film industry are the need to diminish wastage of food through improved shelf life of food items and decreased consumption of packaging material through laminate rationalization.

Increasingly hectic lifestyle of people together with availability of less spare time leads to the increased demand for ready to eat food products. As the demand for packaged food increases, metalized barrier films find extensive use in the packaged food and beverage industry. These barriers offer prolonged shelf life to the packaged food and diminish the need for use of preservatives. Packaged food items are mostly provided in trays and stand-up pouches. Metalized barrier films are resistant to chemicals and as such it does not react with packaged food items. Thereby, the original taste and flavors of the food products remain intact. These films safeguard food products from oxidation, UV light, and moisture, which keeps the food fresh for a long period of time and prevents food wastage.

There have been serious concerns regarding the utilization of plastics in the packaging industry. Plastics endanger the quality of the food content inside. As such, stand-up metalized barrier film pouches are witnessing a surge in the demand. In addition, these films are cost effective and easy to use as compared to other alternatives.

Apart from food and beverage packaging industry, metalized barrier films find use extensive use across a host of various industries, from capacitors to textile industries, which propel the growth of the global metalized barrier films market.

Global Metalized Barrier Films Market: Geographical Analysis

Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe North America, and Latin America are the key regional segments of the global metalized barrier films market.

Remarkable growth of the pharmaceutical and electrical industry in the Asia Pacific region makes the region one of the leading geographies in the global metalized barrier films market. China and India are likely to lead the regional growth over the period of forecast, from 2019 to 2027.

Both Europe and North America are likely to account to for sizeable shares of the global metalized barrier films market. Augmented requirement of these barrier films by packaged food and beverage industry in the region is expected to fuel growth of the market.


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