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Meringue Powder Market

Meringue Powder Market - Global Industry Analysis 2016-2020 and Opportunity Assessment 2021-2031

Meringue Powder Global: Market Outlook

Meringue Powder is mainly comprised of pasteurized dried egg white that is crushed into the powder. It consists of dehydrated egg white that may be accompanied by starch, Sugar, Calcium sulfate, Silicon dioxide, citric acid, and potassium acid tartrate. This is designed as a substitute for the recipes that comprise egg whites, mostly used in royal icing, piped meringue cookies, and frosting. Also, this is dried convenience powder which is used as coating of bakery products, baking, and decoration of sweets. Carrying a certain amount of protein which helps to improve the strength of the bones and teeth, apparently does not have many nutritional values as such. The rapid increase in health and wellness trend is propelling the growth of the Meringue powder market.

What are the Major Drivers for the growth of Meringue powder?

Consumption of bakery products has been growing enormously for few decades. The growing concern over food safety and quality has led to new consumption habits which demand bakery products, however, it encourages the demand for Meringue Powder in the bakery. Probably the most known use of Meringue powder is decorating cakes & royal icing. Most importantly the product is referred to as safe and healthy for use. Since this is dehydrated product powder has an exceptionally long shelf life. Looking at global consumer behavior demand for the Meringue powder can get fueled. One of the major driving factors is its longer shelf-life and portability, this can be stored and has extended shelf life. Besides Meringue Powder market is well organized in terms of consumer preferences, distribution channels which further favor the market.

How is the Industry’s growth potential and its impact on the market?

Meringue Powder is used in applications wherein raw and unpasteurized egg white may be undesirable also this is preferred as a stabilizer for the royal icing of the cakes. Bakery and households use are the key areas where Meringue powder is used.  Looking at the global demand, meringue powder has a potential market worldwide. The rising demand for egg white across food processing and bakery product are key driving factors for the growth of egg white. Categorized by its various benefits meringue powder has become an essential element in the food industry because of its binding and emulsion capabilities. Comparing with egg white meringue powder is inexpensive and the risk of contamination is very less. These powders are being used for their binding properties which make them useful to make several food items, without conceding on taste.

Key Segments of Meringue Powder Market Covered in the Report

Based on End Users, Meringue Powder Market has been segmented as

  • Bakery use
  • Household use

Based on the End product, Meringue Powder Market has been segmented as

  • Buttercream
  • Royal Icing
  • Piped Meringue Cookies
  • Frosting

Based on Region, Meringue Powder Market has been segmented as

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

How is the Regional Presence for meringue powder?

The increase of alternative products for egg white has collected attention towards Meringue powder. This has shown growing figures of demand by consumers globally, though Europe and America estimate the majority of consumption. Considering the Substitute for egg white Meringue powder is has extended shelf life subsequently more in demand.

Meringue Powder Market: Opportunities

Being in powder form and is easy to transport is an important aspect of the product, also has greater shelf life than egg white. Considered as a Perfect substitute for egg white gives scope for popularity. The new lifestyle and change in buying behavior of consumers have led to the market uptrend for meringue powder.

Sales Channel

Considering the consumer behavior in the global market, meringue powder has future growth worldwide. Retailers promoting this as the best substitute for egg white. Well-established distribution channels benefit the product to reach easily to end consumers. The meringue powder Market is quite well structured in the manner of customer preferences and distribution channels.

Competitive Landscape

Prominently Meringue Power has a globally covered market but few key players who dominate the market are LorAnn Oils, Wilton, considered the top names in the Industry. The key players in the market are considering their presence worldwide through various acquisitions, mergers, and expansion plans.

How Covid -19 impacted on Meringue Powder market globally?

An outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has impacted financial changes globally. The impact on the various industries is evidence of disrupted chain supply and shortage of raw material.  Covid-19 has spread out globally and affected almost all the sectors worldwide including Food and beverage. Covid-19 has damaged economies due to lockdown, travel ban, transport ban. These factors intensely affected the food and beverage industry and respectively products which are used in the industry. The crisis of Covid-19 has forced to close many businesses and factories worldwide. However, increasing demand for multi-functional food ingredients and their extended shelf life led to the growth in the market. Overall Covid-19 has hampered the Meringue powder market globally and has a moderate market.

Meringue Powder Market

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