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Marshmallow Market

Marshmallow Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Global Marshmallow Market: Overview

Products in the global marshmallow market are one of the most widely consumed confectionary items in the world. They are made by using sugar, water, and whipped gelatine. They are frequently incorporated with other products in the food and beverages industries, such as coffee, chocolates, biscuits and cookies, cakes, and ice creams, among others. The COVID-19 pandemic had significant impact on the global marshmallow market, although the demand shock across various geographical regions was considered positive.

Rising demand among children for candy and food products made with marshmallows is one of the strongest motivators for the global marshmallow market. Moreover, rising shift of consumers towards availing premium and luxe confectionaries and candies is also anticipated to fuel the demand in global marshmallow market in coming years. This shifting consumer preference has resulted in more and more businesses selling artisanal and premium products using marshmallows. They feature more range and consumers tend to buy more premium products from them. This trend is also supplementing the growth in global marshmallow market.

Global Marshmallow Market: Major Trends and Drivers

Rising demand for candies using marshmallow is the most significant drivers for the global marshmallow market. Increase in the demand for non-chocolate candies such as gummy bears, liquorice, etc. are also supplementing the demand in global marshmallow market. Seasonal and single serve packaging for products in the global marshmallow market is also positively influencing the growth in global marshmallow market. Softer profile and gentle taste of the products in global marshmallow market make them a beautiful ingredient that can be added in a variety of food products such as pies, cakes, puddings, smores, and pancakes, among countless others.

Furthermore, rising shift of consumers towards consuming vegan food products is also supplementing the development trajectory of the global marshmallow market in coming years. As marshmallow products in their true form are completely vegan, they can prove to be excellent alternatives to milk based deserts. This is positively affecting the growth of global marshmallow market. However, products in the global marshmallow market contain high amount of sugar. This makes them not suitable for consumption in larger quantities. This factor may negatively influence the sales in global marshmallow market in coming years.

Global Marshmallow Market: Key Players and Manufacturers

Few of the major and prominent players operating within the global marshmallow market include Mondelez International, Inc., Doumak Inc., Just Born, Inc., Stuffed Puffs, LLC, Hammond’s Marshmallow, Kitchening & Co., General Mills, Inc., North Mallow, Chicago Vegan Foods, and Madyson’s Marshmallow, among others. Several vendors and players in the global marshmallow market are increasingly focusing on development of new products as well as on expanding their manufacturing capabilities. They are primarily focused on developing new and innovative products that will cater to a large base of consumers.

For example, Stuffed puffs LLC launched a new chocolate on chocolate stuffed marshmallow products in the United States in April of 2020. Furthermore, PEEPS, brand name for ‘Just born, Inc.’, launched new flavoured cadies made with marshmallows in February of 2020. This product line was launched by PEEPS in collaboration with the United States based Company called Kelloggs.

Global Marshmallow Market: Regional Assessment

The United States and North America region olds a major share in the global marshmallow market. This larger share can be attributed to importance of confectionary industry in the American way of food consumption. Fondness and preference for consuming marshmallows as snacks in the region is also a positive indicator for the global marshmallow market. Furthermore, growing inclination of regional population in North America towards consuming non-chocolate, sweet, and ready to eat packaged snacks is supporting the upward trajectory of global marshmallow market in coming years.


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