Medium and high power electric motors are accounted for 10% of the total electric motors volume share and responsible for more than 90% of the electricity consumption. These motors are used in fans, pumps, valve, compressors, mechanical handling, machine tools, machine engineering, process plants and several other systems.  The global medium and high power electric motors market is expected to see a significant growth through the forecast period 2013 – 2019. Rising electricity prices and stringent electricity consumption regulations are influencing industrial and other users to opt for energy efficient electric motors and machineries to reduce their operating costs. In addition, the demand for medium and high power electric motors is highly dependent on the growth in industrial production and expansion. Medium and high power manufacturers have to focus on energy efficiency, reliability and durability of motors as these are major factors which influence buyers purchase decision. However, producing energy efficient motors at lower cost with rising copper and other materials prices is the major challenge for manufacturers. 

AC motors is the largest and fastest growing segment compared to DC motors. This growth is primarily attributed to rising demand for three phase AC motors from industrial users. In addition, the cost these motors are falling continuously with declining inverters prices which is also influencing the use of AC three phase motors. In DC motors, brushless motors are replacing induction motors and brushed DC due their higher efficiency. DC brushless motors are expensive than DC brushed motors. However, lower operating cost due to absence of brushes and higher efficiency of these motors observed to be justifying factor for their higher initial cost. 

Medium and high power machineries are used in wide range of applications include motor vehicles, HVAC equipment, industrial machinery, home appliances, aerospace and other transportation equipment, and commercial and other service industries. Industrial machinery segment is further divided into petrochemical, oil and gas industry, food and beverage, medical equipment, pulp and paper, mining and construction equipment, others (elevators, escalators and machine tools). In 2012, the industrial machinery segment was the largest application segment for medium and high power motor providers and expected to maintain its dominating position through the forecast period 2013 -2019. Stringent energy consumption regulations in industrial sector and rising importance to reduce operating cost is expected to spur the demand for energy efficient electric motors from industrial machinery segment. Significant growth is also expected to from motors vehicle manufacturers and HVAC equipment industry with their growing output and improving financial conditions through the estimated period. 

Asia-Pacific represents the largest as well as the fastest growing regional market in the global medium and high power electric motors market. The market growth is primarily attributed to positive economic outlook and growing manufacturing industries in China, India, South Korea, Indonesia and several other countries in the region. Large growth is expected in medium and high power replacement market particularly in North America and Europe due to stringent energy consumption regulations and government incentive programs for early replacement of less efficient industrial motors.     

The global medium and high power electric motors comprises of large number of multinational players. The market is highly fragmented and dominated established players such as Danaher, Asmo Co Ltd, Regal Beloit, AMTEK and Baldor Electric Company among others. 

Improving financial position is motivating market participants to invest in the medium and high power motors market. Due to rising electricity consumption countries across implementing stringent regulations and motivating use of energy efficient electric motors through incentive plans for replacement of less efficient electric motors. This is increasing the demand for energy efficient medium and high power electric motors.  
This study medium and high power motors highlights current development and dynamics in the global market. The report includes key drivers and restraints that affecting the growth of the global as well as regional medium and high voltage electric motors markets. In addition, the report also provides detailed information about electric motors efficiency standards in major countries and their impact on the growth of this market. The report provides estimate and forecast for each category of medium and high power motors in the global as well as in regional markets. High lever analysis such as Porter’ Five Forces, value chain analysis and competitive landscape identify degree of competition and challenges for stakeholders looking to expand in this market. Porter’s Five Forces included in the report determines industry attractiveness and competitive intensity in the global medium and high voltage motors market. In addition, market attractiveness analysis included in the report highlights the key market segments in this market. We have segmented the global medium and high voltage motors market based on horse power, type, application and efficiency class. Each of these segments provides market size and forecast for the period 2011- 2019 and highlights key influencing and challenging factors for that segment. Regional market analysis included in the report provides in-depth analysis for regional markets include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the Word. The in-depth analysis is done exclusively to cover all current trends and future activities thoroughly and also highlights the key developments in the growth of this market through 2013 - 2019.
The report also highlights entry barriers and market winning strategies to be considered by stakeholders who expect to venture in this industry in the next six years. In addition, this study also includes recommendations for both established players and new entrants in this market based on current market dynamics and expected future outlook. To assist in formulation, the report also includes company profiles of leading players in the global market, market winning strategies implemented by them and recent developments in this market. This study will help manufacturers, component and raw material suppliers and distributors in the medium and high power electric motors engineering field to plan and develop their strategies in potential regional markets, technologies and product segment. 
Market segmentation  
The medium and high power motors market is segmented as below:
By Output Power 
  • Medium Power Motors (Output between 0.746 KW and 200 KW)
  • High Power Motors (Output > 200 KW)
Medium Power Motors Market by Type 
  • AC motors
    • Single Phase Motors
    • Three Phase Motors
  • DC Motors
    • Brushed Motors
    • Brushless DC Motors
High Power Motors Market, by Type 
  • AC motors
    • Single Phase Motors
    • Three Phase Motors
  • DC Motors
    • Brushed Motors
    • Brushless DC Motors
By Efficiency Class
  • IE1 (Standard Efficiency)
  • IE2 (High Efficiency)
  • IE3 (Premium Efficiency)
  • IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency)
  • Non Regulated
By End-Use Industry
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturers 
  • HVAC Manufacturers
  • Industrial Machinery
    • Petro Chemical and Oil Refining`
    • Food and Beverage
    • Medical Equipments
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Mining and Construction Equipments
    • Other Industrial Machinery and Tools (Includes Industrial Escalators, Elevators, Machine Tools etc)
  • Aerospace and Other Transportation
  • Commercial and Other Industries
    • Water treatment
    • Power Generation
By Geography
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific 
  • Rest of the World