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Laminated Glass Market

Laminated Glass Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth, and Forecasts, 2020 - 2030

Laminated Glass Market: Overview

The laminated glass market is predicted to witness substantial growth due to large applications of laminated glass across a number of end users. Vast demand for laminated glass in the construction and building sector due to its advantages of safety, security, and energy savings provides ample growth prospects for the laminated glass market. Laminated glass is mostly preferred due to its strength and safety features, including hurricane and impact resistance, protection against forced entry, sound reduction, bullet resistance, and earthquake resistance.

Key application areas in the laminated glass market are automobile windshields, gas stations, residential buildings, bank security and ATM booths, jewelry shops, residential buildings, and other applications.

The report provides a top-notch analysis of laminated glass market over the 2020 -2030 forecast period with valuable insights into demand dynamics, growth opportunities, and competitive landscape. The report assesses the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 on the laminated glass market for qualitative insights into growth during the 2020- 2030 forecast period.

Laminated Glass Market: Competitive Landscape

The laminated glass market features presence of several large and small players that operate mostly in global and regional markets respectively. Product development and product innovation are the focus of keen players in the laminated glass market. Large players are investing heavily in R&D of new products and entering into business alliances with other players to leverage each other’s competencies. Such alliances are also aimed at strengthening their position in the laminated glass market.

Prominent companies in the laminated glass market include NSG Group, Guardian Industries, Oldcastle Inc., FUSO GLASS, Asahi Glass Company, Cardinal Glass, Ajj Group, and Saint-Gobain among others.

Laminated Glass Market: Key Trends

Factors such as upsurge in demand for upgraded glass products for specialized applications and surge in demand from a number of end users such as healthcare and telecom are key for growth in the laminated glass market. Laminated glass offers advantages such as safety, security, energy savings, increased durability, soundproof and more.

In the construction sector, growing trend of replacing cement, brick, and granite building exteriors with glass is resulting in spurt in demand for laminated glass. Besides safety and energy savings, laminated glass is aesthetically appealing for buildings and residential homes. Laminated glass is increasingly finding wide use in buildings and residential homes owing its attributes of strength, sound reduction, impact resistance, bullet resistance, and hurricane and earthquake resistance.

In the automotive industry, rising demand for larger-sized windshields and expanding popularity of sunroofs in many vehicles are some prominent factors underscoring growth in the laminated glass market.

The polyvinyl butyral product type is predicted to witness leading demand in the forthcoming years. Polyvinyl butyral laminated glass features good tenacity performance due to which it absorbs a large amount of force and disperses it evenly. In addition, polyvinyl butyral laminated glass displays properties of viscoelasticity, thereby reducing sound acoustic insulation.

Laminated Glass Market: Regional Assessment

Asia Pacific is anticipated to continue to be at the forefront in the laminated glass market, mainly because of ever-growing demand from developing countries in the region. Exponential growth of the construction sector due to massive infrastructural development and rapid urbanization in developing countries of the region are indirectly fueling the laminated glass market in the region. The presence of some key laminated glass manufacturers such as Nippon Sheet Glass, AGC, and Central Glass further supports the growth of laminated glass market in the region.

North America and Europe are relatively established regions in the laminated glass market. Growth of the construction sector and presence of some long-established automobile companies are some key factors behind growth of laminated glass market in these regions.


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