Kids Backpack Market

Kids Backpack Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2020 – 2030

Global Kids Backpack Market – Overview

In recent years, consumers are increasing preferring to purchase durable and lightweight for improved comfort and convenience. The shift in purchasing preference is key factor in pushing the overall development of the global kids back pack market. Besides from messenger backpacks that consists of one strap, kids’ back pack manufacturing companies are now concentrating on developing two straps for distribute equal weight on both shoulders. The competition in the global market for kids back pack is huge and there are several companies operating in the market space. The brand companies are working towards marketing and expanding their products to wider reach and improve their profit margins.

Global Kids Backpack Market – Notable Developments

The kids’ backpack market is characterized by the presence of a large number of regional companies offering a variety of products. These companies device various strategies, such as offering cheap and valuable kids’ backpack products to suit every need.

Some of the key players in the kids’ backpack market are: Herschel Supply Co, JansPort, Under Armour U.S, Dakine Backpacks, L.L Bean, Kipling’s Seoul, Pottery Barn, Samsonite International S.A, VIP Industries Ltd, Skyline and Nike Inc. 

Global Kids Backpack Market – Drivers and Restraints

There are several factors that are helping to drive the growth of the global kids back pack market over the course of the given forecast period ranging from 2020 to 2030. One of the biggest driving factor for the market growth, is the increasing demand for back packs across the globe. As these products are lightweight and durable, the offer convenience and comfort. Naturally, the demand is high from the end users, driving the growth of the global market.

In recent years, rapid expansion in the kids’ backpack market have been made possible due to the increased demand for new and trendy kids’ backpack designs. Consumers purchase backpacks after assessing multiple factors including weight, color and comfort. Moreover, with the advent of smartphones and e-commerce in our day-to-day lives, purchasing the right fit kids’ backpack has become easier than ever, thereby aiding in the growth of kids’ backpack market.

However, there are some factors that might impede the growth of the global kids back pack market in the coming years of the forecast period. One of the key restraining factor for the market is the looming fear of developing back pain at an early age. Moreover, growing weight of books and thus of back packs due to unwarranted educational policies is also expected to impede the market.

Global Kids Backpack Market – Geographical Outlook

Based on geographical segmentation, the global kids back pack market is divided into five key regions. These regions are North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Of these, the global market is being dominated by the regional North America followed by Europe. The growth of the North America market as well as the Europe market is primarily attributed to the presence of prominent vendors such as LL Bean and Samsonite.

On the other hand, the regional segment of Asia Pacific is expected to witness a highly promising growth in the coming years of the forecast period. The growth of the Asia Pacific market is expected to be fueled by the increasing demand from emerging economies such as China and India. These countries are also among the largest producers, consumers, and exporters of kids’ back packs. This makes the region the biggest exporter of products in the global kids back pack market.


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