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Ketone Market

Ketone Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 - 2030

Global Ketone Market: Overview

Ketones are naturally occurring chemical compounds. Being soluble, they are used as solvents for perfumes and paints. Such solubility prices protection against environmental degradation. Also, adhesives have good use for this chemical. The carpet adhesive industry, electroplating industry and paint manufacture industries all make use of ketones. TMR opines that as demand for these varied sectors increases, so will the ketone market witness steady growth from 2020 - 2030.

Global Ketone Market: Competitive Landscape

A number of players are involved in the production of ketones globally. This makes the market scenario fragmented. Distinguished names in the market landscape are:

  • Tri Town Precision Plastics
  • A. Schulman AG
  • J.K. Overseas
  • Stern Industries Inc.
  • Prototype & Plastic Mold Co. Inc.
  • Parkway Products Inc.
  • Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.
  • Caledonian Ferguson Timpson Ltd
  • Victrex Plc.
  • Quadrant EPP Surlon India Ltd
  • Darter Plastics Inc.
  • Panjin Zhongrun High Performance Polymers Co. Ltd
  • Zyex Ltd, Solvay Specialty Polymers 
  • Jida Evonik High Performance Polymers Co. 

These players understand the importance of ketones in day to day functioning of various industries and are expected to increase production accordingly.

Global Ketone Market: Key Trends and Drivers

  • Among others, the textile industry uses ketones on a major scale. Global textile industry is expected to grow at a notable rate over the next four years. This can be attributed to growing awareness among people about good clothing and a robust fashion industry that inspires new styles.
  • The paints & coatings market size is projected to grow at a considerable pace, adding to market worth substantially. Ketones form an important soluble base for these paints and the ketone market should grow steadily owing to this trend.

Global Ketone Market: Regional Analysis

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) is currently the global leader in the ketone market given the prevalence of small and medium scale industries here that use ketones on a large scale.

North America and Europe are estimated to register modest growth in this market. Automotive paints should drive demand for ketones here.




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