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Juice Market

Juice Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2020 – 2030

Procuring Immunity Boosting Fruits Help to Keep Economies Running During COVID-19 Pandemic

Lemon and pineapple juices are being highly publicized to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. It has been found that Tripura Chief Minister in India, Biplab Kumar Deb, has launched a scheme to procure pineapples and lemon directly from farmers to produce juices as a possible solution to prevent the novel infection. Companies in the juice market are capitalizing on this trend to increase their output capacities in lemon and pineapple juices. Manufacturers should engage with women self-help groups to distribute juices to residents and bolster their credibility credentials.

Individuals have become aware that it is important to strengthen their immunity during the pandemic. Hence, manufacturers in the juice market have tailored their TV commercials as per immunity boosting needs of people. Procuring immunity boosting fruits from farmers is helping to keep economies running.

New Processing Techniques Help Reduce Water and Energy Consumption in Facilities

The proliferation of health drinks is enabling a swing of fresh air in the juice market. However, climate change and water challenges are predicted to hamper market growth. This is evident since hurricanes pose as a risk in orange-growing areas of Florida, while growers in Central and South America are experiencing drought. Hence, companies should increase their import and export network to offer natural and local ingredients in juice blends, despite climate, and water challenges.

Key trends, such as sugar substitution, health drinks, and sustainability are helping manufacturers in the juice market gain a competitive advantage over other market players. Sustainable production practices are emerging as a solution to climate change. Manufacturers are adopting new processing techniques to reduce the consumption of water and energy in facilities. This shift has become necessary since manufacturers are faced with stringent regulations and heavy fines.

Super Fruits and No Calorie Products Fuel Market Growth in Health Drinks Sector

Countries in Asia and Southeast Asia hold lucrative growth opportunities for companies in the juice market. European and American countries are lucrative locations for innovative product launches. The concept of value-added juices is growing rampant in the market landscape. Super fruits such as blueberries, avocados, and cherries are being mixed with cereals and proteins to cater to the meal replacement trend. Manufacturers are increasing the availability of clean label products with as few ingredients as possible to gain market recognition.

Reduced sugar fruit juices are in high demand by pro health customers. The soft drinks industry is grabbing the attention of companies in the juice market, since the trend of no calorie products is surging. On the other hand, manufacturers are tapping into incremental opportunities with vegetable juices that are mixed with other fruit juices to reduce the overall sugar content.

Thoughtful Innovation in Juice Shots Cater to On-the-go Consumption Needs

Manufacturers in the juice market are putting thoughtful innovation in health drinks. Companies such as Innocent Drinks— a manufacturer of smoothies and juices, are entering the domain of juice shots to combine the goodness of vitamins, vegetables, and fruits. These efforts are being made to cater to the on-the-go consumption habits of customers. Health conscious customers are increasingly focusing on traceability of fruits and vegetables, since they are keen on knowing their health benefits.

Companies in the juice market are extending their brand’s portfolio by experimenting with new blends involving liquorice infusion and spirulina extracts in products. Punchy flavors involving ginger, jalapenos, and raspberry are increasing product uptake of juice shots. New packaging designs help products gain visibility in supermarkets and retail stores.

Traceability Information and Actual Fruit Content Increase Product Recall

Several people are developing interest in natural fruit juices. Companies in the juice market are capitalizing on this trend to introduce local and regional ingredients that bolster product recall. It has been found that Germany holds lucrative opportunities for manufacturers in the juice market to expand their business in terms of volume and sales. The high per capita consumption of fruit juices and nectars in Germany has created revenue opportunities for manufacturers who are increasing their output capacities in orange, apple, and multivitamin fruit juices.

Consumer information has become important to draw sales, since customers are uncertain about actual fruit content and presence of added sugar. Traceability is a recurring trend in the market landscape, as consumers are increasingly taking interest in the source of fruits. CBD (Cannabidiol) and coconut water are meeting the social media friendliness test for future innovations in juices.


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