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Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market

Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020-2030

Global Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market: Snapshot

The presence of an ever-expanding research industry, especially for detection and analysis of harmful and explosive substances, has created a plethora of opportunities for growth across the global ion mobility spectrometry market. Ion mobility spectrometry has emerged as an explorative field that has attracted the attention of several researchers and scientists. The investments made by global bodies towards researching high-sensitivity substances and processes has created fresh pathways for market expansion. It is expected that the global ion mobility spectrometry market would grow alongside advancements in detection studies. The presence of an extensive research industry, especially for chemical analysis, shall emerge as a prominent driver of demand across the market.

In this review, Transparency Market Research (TMR) sheds value on various key dynamics of market growth and expansion. There has been an exclusive focus on developing compact design for detection technologies. Therefore, use of ion mobility spectrometry has increased by leaps and ounces in recent years. In addition to this, the use of ion mobility spectrometry in the pharmaceutical research sector has also aided market expansion. This review analyses the impact of the ongoing pandemic on the dynamics of growth within the market.

Global Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market: Key Trends

The detection of explosive substances holds value across several high-traffic premises. Therefore, the use of ion mobility spectrometry for developing detection and scanning devices has created new opportunities for growth across the global market. Airports are amongst the most prominent users of detection technologies. In addition to this, public building and government offices are also installed with detection devices and technologies. The expansive presence and investment-capacity of these premises has created humongous demand across the ion mobility spectrometry market. The development of compact detection technologies and systems has become possible through the use of ion mobility spectrometry.

The highly compact design of products manufactured with ion mobility spectrometry has played a vital role in driving sales across the global market. Furthermore, the need to detect explosive weapons, drugs, and explosives keeps becoming more intense. Several national leaders have expressed their intent to perpetually advance their detection capabilities in order minimize the threat of terror activities and unforeseen mishaps. This is an important dynamic of market growth and expansion that has created a boatload of avenues for market expansion. It is legit to expect that increased focus on quality assurance and control in high-value industries would create new opportunities for market expansion.

Global Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market: Competitive Landscape

Manufacturing of IMS screening devices has increased, mainly due to rising security across various industries. Two of the leading companies manufacturing these devices for airports are Smiths Detection and Morpho. The leading vendors in the ion-mobility spectrometry market can collaborate with the aforementioned companies to ensure a sustained channel for revenue inflow.

IMS screening devices are manufactured in bulk across several regional pockets. These devices are in popular demand across several industries such as aviation, healthcare, public administration, and defense, among others. Therefore, the vendors operating in the global ion mobility spectrometry market are capitalising on the market gap created across these industries. Furthermore, the use of ion mobility spectrometry in key domains such as biological research related to proteomics and metabolomics has created fresh opportunities for market growth. Over the course of the next decade, several new research lines related to various ionization methods could gain popularity.

Some of the key players operating in the global ion mobility spectrometry market are Waters Corporation, SCIEX, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, and Shimadzu Corporation.

Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Market

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