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Industrial Starch Market

Industrial Starch Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2021-2031

Global Industrial Starch Market: Overview

Starch and starch derivatives are used in the form of binding agents, fat replacers, sizing agents, stabilizers, and thickeners in a variety of culinary as well as non-food applications. In addition to that, starch derivatives are utilized as an efficient base for fermentation for the large-scale synthesis of biotechnological items such as hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, and organic acids. Although the food sector is expected to be the main consumer of starch and its derivatives, it is also finding its way into a variety of other uses, including medicines, cosmetics, paper, and construction materials. This factor is likely to work in favor of the global industrial starch market in the years to come.

Starch refers to a homopolysaccharide made up of glucose units that plants store as carbohydrates. It is retained in roots, tubers, and seeds, and is produced by sections of vegetable cells. Modified starch is a type of additive that is made by partly degrading starch granules or native starch using enzymes and chemicals. Derivatives are products created by combining starch with a chemical component to create a product with distinct functional as well as physical characteristics.

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Global Industrial Starch Market: Notable Developments

Cargill spent US$100 Mn in a starch plant in Indonesia in November 2020. The addition of a new starch dryer and corn wet mill is expected to boost starch and sweetener output by satisfying rising demand in the feed, industrial, and food sectors throughout the area.

The noted players that are operational in the global industrial starch market are Bangkok Starch Industrial Co., Ltd., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd., Karandikars Cashell Private Limited, Grain Processing Corporation, and GreenTech Industries Ltd.

Global Industrial Starch Market: Key Trends

Below-mentioned market trends and opportunities mark the global industrial starch market:

High Demand from the Food Sector to Drive Demand in the Market

Starch is utilized in an extensive range of industrial applications and is an essential component of adhesive compositions. Maize, potato, tapioca, rice, and wheat are just a few of the natural sources of industrial starch. The most widely utilized industrial starches are from potato, maize, and wheat. In terms of consumption, the food industry has a major proportion of the global industrial starch market. They are utilized in the food sector to make monosodium glutamate (MSG), industrial caramel, canned jams and fruits, confectioneries, and bakery goods, amongst many other things. Non-food sectors such as consumer items, construction materials, textiles, paper, and mining make use of industrial starch.

In the paper business, industrial starch is widely utilized in the production and coating processes. It is employed in the textile industry for fabric printing as well as finishing. Starch is combined with clay in the mining sector and utilized in the well-drilling process to give adequate viscosity and water holding ability. This is done for the purpose of drilling oil wells. The industrial starch market is projected to expand due to the increasing usage of biofuels as well as biomaterials, as well as the usage of starch in this industry.

Global Industrial Starch Market: Geographical Analysis

In terms of consumption, Asia Pacific is likely to dominate the global industrial starch market. This is due to the expansion of various end-use industries such as food, paper, and textile industries in the region's emerging clusters.

Because of the accelerated growth of industrial packaging sector in the region, North America is likely to account for a substantial chunk of the industrial starch market. Because of the rising demand for processed food products, Latin America is expected to have a high growth over the forecast period, from 2021 to 2031. Brazil is the world's leading producer of corn, and as a result, it produces a significant amount of starch. The industrial starch market in Europe is expected to develop due to the region's rising end-use industries as well as industrial packaging business.


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