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Industrial Flooring Market

Industrial Flooring Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2030

Industrial Flooring Market: Overview

Industrial flooring market has evolved heavily on the back of changing requirements of end-use industries, especially in logistics industries. Providers of industrial flooring solutions and chemical companies developing materials for the flooring system have strongly focused on meeting industry-specific needs. Flooring in industrial facilities should portray performance that are a proper combination of quick installability, aesthetics, economy, longevity, slip resistance, functionality, quality, durability, and moisture resistance. Perhaps the most discerning factor that can affect the choice of end-use industries in the industrial flooring market is eco-friendliness. Industries world over are increasingly leaning on adopting flooring solutions that allow end-use industries meet the sustainability quotient.

Some of the key materials used in the industrial flooring market are epoxy, concrete, rubber and PVC, epoxy, and vinyl. Epoxy-chemistries have attracted the attention of industrial flooring solutions providers. The growth trajectories in the industrial flooring market is influenced by the rise in demand for various systems in food and beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

Industrial Flooring Market: Key Trends

The drive for new solutions industrial flooring market hinges on the rapid pace of industrialization in various parts of the world. The demand has grown prominently in commercial facilities such as transportation, warehouses, and bulging industrial activities in SEZs. New methods of reinforcement of concrete and laying process are boosting the generation of opportunities in the industrial flooring market. The choice of the process helps in enhancing the performance such as strength and flexibility.

Over the past few years, the durability and flexure strength have been high on agenda for solution providers in the industrial flooring market. More prominently, end users have demanded that not just performance attributes, flooring should also meet eco-friendliness. The paints used and the processes employed must reflect this, all of which shape the emerging trajectories of the industrial flooring market. Constant advances in the chemistries have enabled solution providers to equip flooring with unique chemistries and hence unique performance.

A new avenue in the industrial flooring market has come from the demand for specialized industrial flooring solutions for food factories. A great deal of momentum to the demand comes from the stringent implementation of regulations. Organizations at the forefront of updating the norms are the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Industrial Flooring Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Players in the industrial flooring market are keen on expanding the array of advantages of flooring systems. Emerging and established players in the market are keen on meeting numerous specifications. This has expanded the assortment of flooring systems that meet antistatic specifications, scratch and thermal resistance, and better stability in thermal vibrations.

International players have shifted their attention to emerging markets. They are conducting extensive research aimed at utilizing the potential of copolymers in rendering unique chemistries in industrial flooring. New entrants have grown their efforts in raising awareness about the role of industrial flooring in operational and cost factors. Numerous prominent companies are keen on harnessing the properties of pigments, additives, and nano-materials in a bid to differentiate their offering.

Some  of the key players in the industrial flooring market are MarvelVinyls, Fosroc, Inc., Epufloor, Elite Crete Systems, Cornerstone Flooring, Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd., BASF SE, ArmorPoxy, and AcryliCon.

Industrial Flooring Market: Regional Assessment

The industrial flooring market is seeing substantial opportunities and growth segments in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Developing economies has seen the demand spiraling. This is driven by the sheer pace of the warehousing and logistics sector. Economies in Asia Pacific have seen a vast uptake due to the growing government support, an example being setting of SEZs in India.

Industrial Flooring Market

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