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In-dash Navigation Systems for Automotive Market

In-dash Navigation Systems for Automotive Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

In-dash navigation systems are the embedded devices offered by automotive manufacturers in order to guide the user toward accurate locations and directions with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System). These systems provide information regarding exact location, real-time traffic, and weather forecast. The in-dash navigation system mainly consists of the display unit, antenna module, control module, and wiring harness.

Rise in demand of consumers for technologically advanced functions customized into a single unit is expected to be a key factor responsible for driving the in-dash navigation systems market during the forecast period. Furthermore, the ever-increasing production of vehicles and the increase in demand for light-weight vehicles are projected to boost the in-dash navigation systems market during the forecast period. Stringent norms imposed globally by the regulatory bodies on carbon emissions of automotive are also anticipated to promote the growth of in-dash navigation systems, which enable the driver of the vehicle to opt for the shortest possible route in order to reach the destination and thus, in the process, reduce vehicular emissions.

Based on technology, the in-dash navigation systems market can be segmented into: 2D maps and 3D maps. Any standard model of a vehicle is usually equipped with 2D maps, while the 3D map technology is more sophisticated, and thus, more expensive. In terms of component, the in-dash navigation market can be divided into: display unit, control module, antenna module, and wiring harness.

Based on vehicle type, the in-dash navigation systems market can be classified into: passenger vehicles (PV) and commercial vehicles (CV). Passenger vehicles include hatchback cars, sedans, multi- purpose vehicles (MPV), and sport utility vehicles (SUV). Commercial vehicles include light-weight commercial vehicles (LCV) and heavy commercial vehicles (HCV).

Based on the mode of operation of vehicles, the in-dash navigation systems market can be segmented into: autonomous vehicles and semi-autonomous vehicles. An autonomous vehicle is one which can drive itself from the starting point to the predetermined destination in autopilot mode, using various in-built technologies and sensors, such as adaptive cruise control, active steering (steer by wire), anti-lock braking system (brake by wire), GPS navigation technology, laser, and radar. A semi-autonomous vehicle, on the other hand, requires the presence of a human driver to drive it while navigation is carried out by means of the navigation system. An autonomous vehicle requires a more powerful and technologically advanced navigation system than a semi-autonomous vehicle, owing to the absence of a human driver in the former.

By propulsion system, the in-dash navigation systems market can be categorized into: internal combustion engine (ICE), electric propulsion, and hybrid propulsion. An internal combustion engine vehicle includes a motor which converts chemical energy into mechanical energy. An electric propulsion engine makes use of an on-board rechargeable energy storage system. A hybrid engine vehicle combines internal combustion and electric engines, but the electric battery is recharged completely by waste heat and energy from the conventional engine when the car is decelerating, due to which it does not need to be plugged into an external source of energy at all.

Based on geography, the in-dash navigation systems market can be segmented into: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW). Asia Pacific accounts for the major share of the global in-dash navigation systems market, owing to the high adoption rate of in-dash navigation systems and the booming automotive sector leading to an increased production of vehicles with in-dash navigation systems, especially in China and India.

Some  of  the  key  players  in  the  global  in-dash  navigation  systems  market  are: Alpine Electronics, Inc., Clarion Co. Ltd., Continental Ag, Delphi Automotive LLP., Denso Corporation, Garmin Ltd., Harman International, Luxoft, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, Robert Bosch Gmbh.

In-dash Navigation Systems for Automotive Market

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