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Hydrolyzed Pearl Market

Hydrolyzed Pearl Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027

Market Outlook

Hydrolyzed Pearl is composed of aragonite which is a form of calcium carbonate and a small amount of conchiolin. Unlike standard pearl powder and extract, it is hydrolyzed, water-soluble form of the powder obtained from pearls which are easily absorbed by the skin. Only the hydrolyzed pearl has the unique combination of minerals, amino acids and proteins. Hydrolyzed pearl has its growing popularity in personal care and skincare products market as it keeps the skin soft and smooth and also supports in preventing pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The cosmetics and personal care industry has witnessed immense growth over the past years and is growing day by day. The manufacturers of personal care products are focusing to introduce new products with organic and natural ingredients. Hydrolyzed pearl is expected to be an excellent alternative to various types of synthetic skincare products. In recent past years, a wide variety of pearls have been introduced to deal with skin care problems.  Not only for skin and personal care products the hydrolyzed is also an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. The hydrolyzed pearl market is anticipated to have significant growth over the forecast period due to its extensive benefits for the skin.

Pearls are more than Precious Gem Used for Ornamental Purpose 

Pearls are not only meant to beautify the outer self but are also useful for overall wellness and development of human beings. Hydrolyzed pearl promotes general health and wellness by assisting in curing the disease such as heart diseases, digestive system, anxiety, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, skin problems and menstrual imbalance in women. Hydrolyzed pearl powder has been a crucial element in traditional Chinese medicine as hydrolyzed pearl is commonly known to boost endurance, improve eyesight and increase circulation in the body. The hydrolyzed pearl powder has wide applications in the skincare which include promotes youthful skin, softens and firms radiant of skin. Hydrolyzed pearl also accelerates new skin growth, regenerates collagen and supports in healing acne. The hydrolyzed pearl is also helpful in preventing melanin development which causes dark patches, freckles, sagging and wrinkled skin. The hydrolyzed pearl is also used to eliminate color spots, cysts, sun spots, scars and others. Hydrolyzed pearl is used in the manufacturing of a wide range of skincare products mainly constituted for anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. However, lack of supply and high prices of pearl extracts is expected to hamper the overall market growth over the forecast period.

Hydrolyzed Pearl Market Segmentation

On the basis of form, the hydrolyzed pearl market has been segmented as-

  • Powder
  • Liquid

On the basis of form, the hydrolyzed pearl market has been segmented as-

  • Cosmetic grade
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Food grade

On the basis of end users, the hydrolyzed pearl market has been segmented as-

  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Others

Hydrolyzed Pearl Market: Key Players

Coptis Ingredients, Formulator Sample Shop, MakingCosmetics Inc., Beiersdorf AG, Longevity Power Inc., Charkit Chemical Company LLC., Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd., Croda Inc., Zhejiang Zhuji Huatai Group, Tianjin Hongrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Yuehua Pharmaceutical, Lei Yun Shang Pharmacy, Premier Specialties, Inc., Spec-Chem Industry Inc. and others.

Hydrolyzed Pearl Market Opportunities

The cosmetics industry is rapidly growing there is massive competition among the manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products to introduce new and benefits promising products. The hydrolyzed pearl has multiple skin benefits and the manufacturers using it for production are expected to earn higher profits as it is a natural ingredient with best results. The traditional use of hydrolyzed pearl is expected to bolster the growth in the market as with changing lifestyle, growing awareness and knowledge, people are turning to natural and health beneficial products. The manufacturers of hydrolyzed pearl are expected to provide the product in small quantity directly to end-use consumers. The demand for hydrolyzed pear in less quantity is expected to grow due to the increasing trend for DIY for moisturizers, lotion and other skincare products. Asia Pacific region is expected to have a major share of hydrolyzed pearl market as the Japan is one of the largest hydrolyzed pearl producers in Asia Pacific market with Australia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia being the other major producers.


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