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Hydropower Market

Hydropower Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Global Hydropower Market: Overview

Hydropower is presently one of the most widely researched and utilized renewable source of energy generation. With proper utilization of the vast usable resources of hydropower across the globe, it is possible to generate enough clean energy to provide for a significant portion of the continuously rising demand for energy from the global population. It remains the largest source of renewable energy in the U.S. and many other countries are amping up their efforts to advance in the field with new developments. 

Hydropower is presently utilized in over 100 countries globally, and accounts for nearly 15% of the world’s complete electricity mix. The rising focus of governments to make renewable energy sources an integral part of their energy mixes and reduce dependence on the highly polluting and exhaustible fossil fuels is expected to fuel development activities across the global hydropower market. 

This report on the global hydropower market presents a thorough overview of the present state of the market and a forecast regarding the potential growth prospects of the market and its segments over the period between 2016 and 2024. The report presents a thorough overview of the key factors expected to have profound impact on the overall development of the market over the report’s forecast period. As such, detailed analysis of growth drivers, restraints, popular trends of present and past years, regulatory framework of key regional markets, and competitive and vendor landscape of the global hydropower market is included in the report. 

Global Hydropower Market: Segmentation

Hydropower plants can be classified on the basis of power generation capacity into small-, large-, micro-, and pico-hydro plants. Plants capable of generating electricity of more than 30 MW are considered large hydropower plants. The segment of small hydropower generally comprises hydropower plants having capacities between 100KW to 30 MW, whereas both micro- and pico- plants have power generation capacities below 100 KW. 

Generally micro and pico hydropower plants, with capacities between 100 KW and 30 MW, are often installed in remote locations to act as a decentralized source of electricity. In terms of installed capacity across the globe, the segment of large hydropower plants lead by a sizeable margin. Large hydropower plants have been operational across several parts of the world for over three decades and are expected to continue to contribute a significant portion of the world’s total hydropower generation capacity. 

Large hydropower plants are commonly classified into types such as pumped storage plants, diversion plants, and impoundment plants. Pumped storage and impoundment plants are currently amongst the most common hydropower plants globally and require the construction of a reservoir/dam. Diversion plants do not require the construction of a reservoir and are emerging as one of the most preferred hydropower technologies. This is because the construction of reservoirs for impoundment and pumped storage plants leads to vast capital expenditure, vast complications during rehabilitation and relocation of affected stakeholders, and significant pollution during construction, none or most of which are not required to operate diversion plants. 

Global Hydropower Market: Geographical and Competitive Dynamics

In terms of geography, the report examines the hydropower market for regional markets such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Of these, Asia Pacific is the leading regional market for the hydropower industry, with China representing the largest share in the total installed capacity of hydropower plants globally, followed by Europe and North America. The hydropower capacity of China valued at 281.50 GW in 2013 and continues to show progress at an encouraging pace. 

Some of the key players operating in the global hydropower market are RusHydro, Hydrochina International Engineering Co. Ltd., Vattenfall AB, and Alstom SA.

Hydropower Market

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