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Hydrated Lime Market

Hydrated Lime Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2020– 2030

Hydrated Lime Market: Overview

The growth of hydrated lime market stems from a number of industrial and agricultural applications of hydrated lime, and this factor is likely to be determining for the growth curve of the said market over the 2020 – 2030 forecast period. Some of the industrial applications of hydrated lime are refining and extraction of metals from mineral ores, and in the manufacture of clinker, cement, and other additive materials for concrete.

Hydrated lime is available in the form of a dry powder, and is less chemically reactive as compared to quicklime. Hydrated lime is produced by adding water to lime during the manufacturing process, also known as slaking.

Key parameters based on which the hydrated lime market is divided are application, end-use industry, and region.

The report on the hydrated lime market provides an in-depth analysis of demand dynamics, growth indicators, and competitive landscape of the said market for the 2020 – 2030 forecast period. Further, the report provide valuable insights into regional outlook of the hydrated lime market, and how key regions are likely to fare in the forecast timeframe of 2020 – 2030.

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Hydrated Lime Market: Competitive Landscape

The hydrated lime market is fragmented with the presence of a number of large and small-size players. Product innovation is the prime focus of keen players in the hydrated lime market to maintain their foothold in this competitive market. For example, precipitate calcium carbonate, made using hydrated lime, is an example of innovative product in the hydrated lime market. Such initiatives are aiding players to enjoy competitive edge in this in this intensely competitive marketplace.

Key players operating in the hydrated lime market include Graymont Limited, SIBELCO, McGean-Rohco Inc., Boral Limited, United States Lime & Minerals Inc., Lhoist, NIKI Chemical Industries, KIMTAS, Omya Australia Pty Ltd., and CARMEUSE among others.

Hydrated Lime Market: Key Trends

A string of municipal and civic applications of hydrated lime is a predominant factor fuelling the hydrated lime market. Hydrated lime is used as a softener in water-treatment processes. Further, in the chemical industry, during desulphurization hydrated lime finds use as a catalyst in flue gas treatment, and is also used as a chemical additive for the manufacture of glass, paper, and processed leather products.

Substantial use of hydrated lime in the agricultural sector is a key factor fuelling the hydrated lime market. Hydrated lime is used as a soil conditioner for balancing pH, which is positively impacting the hydrated lime market.

Application in the mining sector extends ample opportunities for growth in the hydrated lime market. In the mining sector, refining of mineral ores to obtain pure metal generates sludge effluents, which is discharged in water sources. This requires hydrated lime for effective treatment of water in these water resources, which in turn creates lucrative opportunities for the hydrated lime market. Environment conservation mandates enforced by government bodies for attaining zero hazardous material discharge in natural water bodies is a key factor supporting the growth of hydrated lime market.

Hydrated Lime Market: Regional Outlook

Key regions into which the hydrated lime market is divided are North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South East Asia Pacific, China, Japan, India, and the Middle East & Africa. The presence of a robust mining sector in Africa makes Middle East & Africa makes it a key region in the hydrated lime market.

Growing investments in the construction sector is creating opportunities for the hydrated lime market in Latin America.

Asia Pacific has emerged as a key region in the hydrated lime market. Expanding coal mining operations for production of coal is indirectly having a positive influence on the hydrated lime market in the region.

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