The HIV/AIDS monitoring test deals with post-HIV detection to assess plasma status and immune function of HIV-infected patients. Such monitoring tests initiate several other biological tests for HIV patients in order to monitor their health status and current stage of the infection. HIV/AIDS monitoring test evaluates the condition of the HIV-infected patient upon initial care and after. In addition, the test is beneficial for patients while determining their drug therapies or change in the dose of medication. Depending on the test results physicians and doctors administer antiretroviral therapies prescribed for the HIV infected person. HIV/AIDS monitoring test can be conducted on both on HIV-1 and HIV-2 identified patients.

There are various equipment and testing techniques available in the market to conduct HIV/AIDS monitoring test. Selection for the test is based on their availability and requirement of the patient being tested. Certain guidelines are set for physicians during conducting the test, age of the patient being one of the most important factors. There are separate test modules available for minors and infants. 

HIVAIDS Monitoring Tests Market: Drivers

Increasing awareness on effective HIV/AIDS treatment methods across the globe is expected to fuel the growth of HIV/AIDS monitoring test market. Moreover, a rise in the number of HIV incidents, especially in young people is driving the global demand for HIV/AIDS monitoring test. For instance, the present generation is more into short-term sexual relationships and often indulge in unprotected sex risking HIV infection. In the recent years, governments all over the world have become more active in instituting healthcare measures to control the widespread of HIV infection and AIDS. Several AIDS control programs have been initiated by state governments and NGOs to prevent and monitor the ratio of AIDS incidence. In addition, the aforementioned factors are considered as major factors sustaining the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market in coming years.

On the other hand, lack of expert medical professionals for conducting such tests is expected to hamper the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market. Low proficiency in administering the test may prove risky for the patient. Low availability of expert professionals for conducting such test is expected to impede the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market. Moreover, these medical tests at times fail to provide accurate results leaving a question mark on their credibility. Likewise, information collected from HIV/AIDS monitoring tests have been under scrutiny on several occasions. Patients may undergo multiple testing sessions to evaluate their exact health status leading to higher spending on the treatment.

Innovation in the HIV/AIDS monitoring test technology is expected to positively influence its global market. Two of the most common test types available in the market include viral load test and CD4 count. Advancement in technology for these test types is further supplementing the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market. Furthermore, the introduction of self-testing equipment is expected to favor the overall growth of the market.

HIVAIDS Monitoring Tests Market: Region-wise Analysis

On the basis of region, the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market has been segmented into six key regions namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and the Middle East & Africa. North America is considered to be the largest market for HIV/AIDS monitoring test due to the presence of major players who offer high-end testing equipment coupled with advance healthcare setup and facilities available in the region. In addition, the region of Africa accounts for a massive number of patients infected with HIV and is considered as a potential market presenting a wide range of opportunity for the major players in the market.

Few of the key players in the global HIV/AIDS monitoring test market include Alere Inc.,  Abbott Laboratories, OraSure Technologies, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Chembio Diagnostics Systems, Inc., Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Siemens Healthineers (formerly Siemens Healthcare), Abbott Molecular Inc and Calypte Biomedical Corporation.

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