The Role of IT and Telecom in Healthcare Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015-2023

The Role of IT and Telecom in Healthcare Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015-2023

Information technology (IT) supports hundreds of core and peripheral operations in the healthcare industry. From storing patient data to monitoring patient health to researching optimal therapies, IT is ubiquitous in the medical and healthcare industry worldwide. This report by Transparency Market Research offers an analytical and comprehensive insight into how IT and telecom products impact the healthcare industry across its landscape. This research report takes into account key driving factors and growth restrainers that every market player should be aware of.

Strategic decision making needs to be based on verifiable data, as one false step in an intensely competitive environment could mean millions of dollars lost. The report thus takes a close look at the healthcare market specifically from the standpoint of the IT and telecom industry. Opportunities for the monetization of healthcare processes form a key component of the report. Major geographies, latest market trends, and projected growth figures are cohesively documented in the report. This data forms the foundation for recommendations for future growth.


The healthcare industry has proliferated on the global level, and is now going through an
increased phase of consolidation. As this pace of consolidation gathers momentum, there is a pressing need for shared databases and records of medical histories of patients. This demand can only be addressed with the implementation of IT- and telecom-centric solutions. A number of technologies such as cloud computing, SaaS, and other software solutions developed specifically for the healthcare industry form an integral part of this trend. They are the key through which medical records and other applications can be effectively connected between healthcare facilities.

Advancements in telecommunications and IT have made it possible to monitor patients remotely and also to use more accurate methodologies to diagnose and treat medical conditions. As a result, the quality of medical care available to patients in the developing world is poised to greatly improve. Round-the-clock monitoring has been made possible with the use of intelligent IT and telecom solutions in the health industry. Telemedicine is an area that holds immense potential, and medical establishments are looking at opportunities for investment here. Thus, the demand for IT and telecommunications products in the healthcare sector will continue to see an upward trend in the coming years.

This report analyzes the opportunities and potential threats that exist in this market, and offers recommendations that can be implemented by market players. The market is segmented based on geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.


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