Health Tracking Apps Market

Health Tracking Apps Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Global Health Tracking Apps Market: Introduction

Health tracking apps are mobile application programs that offer health-related services on smartphones, tablet PCs, and other communication devices. Health and wellness apps focus on various aspects of promoting digital health. Major applications of health tracking apps include sports and fitness activity tracking, diet and nutrition tracking, weight loss tracking coaching, pharmacy & clinical, sleep cycle analysis, stress reduction and relaxation, meditation, medical advice and patient community, menstrual period tracking, pregnancy, hospital selection, and appointment management.

health tracking apps market size and forecast

Global Health Tracking Apps Market – Dynamics

Impact of Increasing Levels of Stress and Health on Individuals across the Globe

Stress levels and workloads have increased across the globe over the last two decades. Rise in workloads have affected working individuals emotionally, physically, and mentally. Thus, health tracking apps and modules are likely to be one of the most integral devices used by working individuals in the near future. Health tracking apps make a significantly positive impact on the life of working individuals by indicating to them the need for physical activity from the health perspective. Demand for health tracking apps would increase in the next few years with the rise in stress levels.

Cloud Security and Network Transmission Issues

Health tracking apps that rely highly on cloud services are susceptible to service impairment or control loss, data breach, service loss including service breakdown, or in worse cases, personal data loss. User experience may also be affected by unstable network transmissions at some places and this limits the reach of cloud-based and hybrid services/solutions in the impacted regions. This could hamper the growth of the health tracking app market.

North America Expected to Dominate the Global Health Tracking Apps Market

In terms of region, the global health tracking apps market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to dominate the global health tracking apps market during the forecast period, as the adoption of health & wellness devices within this region is high compared to other regions.

COVID 19 Impact on the Global Health Tracking Apps Market

It is expected that COVID 19 will positively impact the health tracking apps market across the globe. The increasing need to monitor the immune system and to maintain optimum health to combat diseases is expected to drive the demand for health tracking apps.

health tracking apps market region analysis

Global Health Tracking Apps Market – Competition Landscape

  • In July 2019, Chiquita launched fitness stickers useful to boost health and wellness. The rising need for fitness and healthy lifestyles prompted the company to launch these stickers
  • In April 2019, a new interactive app called littleglow was launched by Lycored. This app makes wellness easy and accessible by delivering powerful mental, physical, and spiritual activities through the smartphone every week.

Oriflame Cosmetics AG

Established in 1967, Oriflame Cosmetics AG is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The company focuses on distributing and manufacturing beauty products and physical wellbeing accessories. The company serves more than 60 countries across the globe and has nearly three million independent Oriflame consultants. The company is largely focused on research and development and for this it has over 100 R&D centers across the globe.

Global Health Tracking Apps Market: Segmentation

The global health tracking apps market can be segmented based on:

  • Type
  • Region

Global Health Tracking Apps Market, by Type

Based on type, the global health tracking apps market can be divided into:

  • Physical Activity
  • Medical/Clinical
  • Weight Loss
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Well-being

Regional analysis of the global health tracking apps market includes:

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Rest of North America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • U.K.
    • France
    • Russia
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Nordics
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • Australia
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • South Korea
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Rest of South America


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