Glutamine is the main constituent of the skeletal muscle in the human body, around 61% of the mass of the body is made by glutamine. Glutamine market primarily consists of supplements in the form of the powder which can be dissolved in plain water or milk. Intense workout cause depletion of glutamine in the body which causes fatigue, loss of stamina and retarded recovery. 19% of glutamine consists of nitrogen so it is the primary nitrogen transported in the body. Glutamine helps to gain mass, therefore, it is popular among people who undergo weight training.

From the market backdrop and the efforts of companies manufacturing glutamine to match the demand it is clear that this market is on boost and revenues generated by this market is excellent. The trend of bodybuilding and taking costly supplements to get good results are the prime reason for the growth this market is getting as observed during the forecast.

Glutamine Market: Segmentation

Glutamine market is segmented on the basis of product form as powder, pills, liquid and capsules. Powder, pills, capsules and liquid are forms in which glutamine is sold in the market. The powder is dissolved in the plain water or milk and then drink. Pills are taken with water and glutamine beverage is the easiest way to take glutamine just open the package and start sipping. Glutamine help to gain weight, muscle recovery after intense workout and provide abundant nitrogen.

Glutamine market is segmented on the basis of packaging as the plastic pouch, plastic bottle, glass bottle, plastic jar and others. Packaging increases the attractiveness of the product and increases the sales of the product if the packaging is trendy and innovative. The more innovative a product the more is the sale of that product.

Glutamine market can be segmented on the basis of distribution channel as supermarket/hypermarket, drug stores, specialized stores, and online shops. These are channels from which the product reaches to the end users from the manufacturers in the end user suitable form.

Glutamine Market: Regional Outlook

Glutamine market is segmented into 5 key regions as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and japan, and Middle-East and Africa. North America is the leading market which produces, consumes and export most of the glutamine globally. Europe is the second leading market which produces and consumes the glutamine products also its exports and imports glutamine products. Asia-Pacific is the emerging market for the glutamine products most of the glutamine products are imported by this region but nowadays manufacture of glutamine product is also taking place in this region.  Japan, Middle East, and Africa have also started consuming glutamine products.

Glutamine Market: Drivers and Trends

Glutamine acts as the building block for the muscle as it provides ample amount of protein to the muscle and help in the muscle recovery after intense weight training regime. Glutamine can do wonder for people having low muscle density and wish to have the good physique. Due to the current trend of working out in the gym, gaining quality muscles, improve metabolism rate and recover as early as possible are the main drivers of the glutamine market. Glutamine market is expected to see more and more growth as the time pass as there will be increased demand for glutamine supplements.

There is a current trend of making the bulky body and flaunt chiseled physique which is possible only by having good protein supplement like glutamine. Glutamine helps in the recovery of broken muscles by providing nitrogen at the sites, where it is required for muscle recovery and new muscle are build which is much stronger.  The restraint of this market is the safety concern associated with having packed protein supplements and trust of the end users for these supplements.

Glutamine Market: Key Players

The key players identified for this value chain during the forecasting are AJINOMOTO Co., Inc., NOW Foods, Optimum Nutrition INC, Nutritech, Dymatize enterprises llc, Allmax Nutrition INC, Nutri Advanced Ltd, and Battery Nutrition Limited.

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