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Global Dry Yeast Market

Dry Yeast Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Dry Yeast Market: Market Outlook

Yeasts are noting but single-celled fungi that tend to grow in the moist environment. Out of thousands of yeast species, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast) is the most widely famous species of yeast in the food industry because of its leavening agent property. Yeast feeds on sugar to release carbon dioxide which helps make dough soft, makes beer bubbly, and fastens the fermentation process in the wine industry. Dry yeast is the type of baker’s yeast. It has approximately 95% yeast in solid form.  As compared to Fresh yeast (creamy/compressed), dry yeast has low production cost, more shelf life, and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year resulted in more growth in the global dry yeast market.

Finely ground Instant dry yeast can be used as a substitute to regular active dry yeast and reduce rise time. Instant dry yeast can be directly added with other ingredients of bread. But active yeast needs to be activated using a warm liquid to make it ready to use. Owing to the use of instant yeast for the manufacturing of medicines like insulin and hepatitis B vaccine has increased its requirement in the Pharmaceutical sector. If used in inappropriate measures or consumed directly will have an adverse effect on the human body and that becomes a major constraint to the dry east market.

Dry Yeast Market: Market Dynamics

Increase in demand for dry yeast due to increased bakery, brewery and pharmaceutical production

Dry yeast improves the aroma of the beer and the wine along with stabilizing its color. Apart from this, dry yeast is widely used in non-alcoholic beverages and the preservation of packaged food. Because of additive and fermenting property and usefulness in pharma research, the dry yeast market has witnessed demand in Food and Beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Increase in demand for dry yeast due to its application in producing Biofuel

In recent years, bioethanol is known for its contribution to replacing crude oil and reducing environmental pollution. New Aule baker's instant dry yeast when grown on agricultural food waste results in better production of bioethanol as compared to alcohol yeast. The increasing trend to find sustainable and most importantly environment-friendly energy sources have driven this dry yeast market.

Dry Yeast Market: Segmentation

On the basis of application, the global Dry Yeast market has been segmented as

  • Food 
    • Bakery Product
    • Prepared Packed Food Products
  • Beverage
    • Alcoholic Drinks
    • Non-alcoholic Drinks
  • Animal Feed
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-ethanol

On the basis of type, the global Dry Yeast market has been segmented as

  • Active dry yeast
  • Instant or Rapid-rise dry yeast

On the basis of the distribution channel, the Dry Yeast market has been segmented as

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumers
    • Supermarket/Hypermarket
    • Convenience Store
    • Online Retailing

On the basis of region, the global Dry Yeast market has been segmented as

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

Dry Yeast Market: Key Players

From many years Lesaffre, AB Mauri Food Inc, Hagold Hefe GmbH, Pakmaya, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, Asmussen GmbH, ACH Foods, Dingtao Yongxing Foods Co. Ltd, Lallemand, National Enzyme, Alltech, Kothari Fermentation and Biochem, DCL Yeast, Guangdong Atech Biotechnology, etc have remained major players in the global market.

Global Dry Yeast Market: Opportunities

According to on-going research, markets will see enormous trades of dry yeast. Due to increased demands in the Food and Beverage industry along with the Pharmaceutical and Energy industry, new players have a fair opportunity to enter into this market. Since beverage penetration is pretty good in the European and the North American markets, beverage producers may introduce a new range of beverages to attract more customers which will help to increase the sale of dry yeast for existing players.

Dry Yeast Market: Regional Outlook:

The changing lifestyle of the population expects convenience, high nutritional value, and pleasure from the Food and beverage industry. Therefore the demand for packaged food and a variety of beverages remains high in the North American and the European market. They have shown great consumption of dry yeast due to these increased expectations. And it is anticipated that it will remain the same for upcoming years. Asian markets seem to be growing at a faster rate due to increasing urbanization and purchasing power in developing economies. There will be more demand in this region as consumers are ready to spend more on food and beverages. Also, the Middle East and African regions are looking for products with good shelf life. There will be more requirements in these regions.  

COVID-19 Impact on Global Dry Yeast Market:

A Global pandemic has hampered the supply of the dry yeast resulting in not able to match the increased demand for Food and Beverage products. But this has a moderate to low level of impact on the Dry yeast market. Soon the suppliers will able to catch up with the demand after the lock-down. Since there was a shortage of raw materials supply, prices may fluctuate in near future.

Global Dry Yeast Market

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