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Glass Insulators Market

Glass Insulators Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020–2030

Glass Insulators Market: Overview

Glass insulators are preferred over ceramics in insulation applications due to numerous better characteristics. They have low coefficient of thermal expansion, high cracking resistance, and high electrical resistance. A prominently emerging application of glass insulators is in making suspension glass insulators for overhead transmission and distribution lines. Glass insulators used in this application typically confirm to numerous standards, with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) being notable examples. Electrical engineers seek glass insulators that are durable, can withstand degradation from pollutants due to accumulation on the insulation surface, and are mechanically robust.

New product developments in the glass insulators market have come from continuous advances in technologies that are typically used for monitoring transmission lines, since the use in this application has been growing steadily. In emerging economies, inspection technology of transmission lines has also improved substantial efforts, thanks to initiatives taken by governments to prevent outages in electricity distribution to remote areas. The growing demand for high-voltage transmission for heavy industries is another related trend boosting the product development avenues in the market. Nanotechnology is another area that has witnessed flurry of action among glass manufacturers in recent years. The use of nanocomposites is likely to pave way to products with new desirable features to meet the end-use industries’ demand in the glass insulators market.

Glass Insulators: Introduction

  • Glass insulators are manufactured at high temperature by mixing different materials, including lime and quartz powder; it is then suddenly cooled in the mold.
  • Glass insulators have high resistance, high compressive strength, do not heat up in sunlight, and moisture easily gets distilled on the surface of the glass insulators.
  • The thermal expansion coefficient of glass insulators is small, and its relative deformation is very low due to temperature variation.
  • The two different types of glass insulators include standard type and fog type. They are used in various applications such as low voltage lines, high voltage lines, power plants, substations, and at residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Rise in Demand for Medium Voltage Range

  • Medium voltage range is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the glass insulators market during the forecast period. Glass insulators are being deploying across residential and commercial establishments to support medium voltage range. This is likely to boost the glass insulators market during the forecast period.
  • Moreover, growing electrical infrastructure across developing nations across the world along with increasing commercialization and urbanization propels the growth of the market.  
  • The commercial & industrial segment is projected to experience substantial growth rate in the global glass insulators market during the forecast period due to rising demand for glass insulators from these sectors, along with high investment in the electricity sector, growing adoption of smart grid technology, and expansion of power T&D infrastructure.
  • Increasing R&D expenditure toward modernizing grid networks in response to increased electricity demand propels the glass insulators market growth.
  • However, increasing grey market products of low quality, and volatility in raw material prices are the major restraints of the global glass insulators market.

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Asia Pacific to Lead the Glass Insulators Market

  • In terms of region, the global glass insulators market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.
  • Asia Pacific is anticipated to dominate the global glass insulators market throughout the forecast period, as a large number of manufacturers of glass insulators operate in the region.
  • Increase in population, urbanization, and growth of the industrial sector have increased the demand for power in Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and India. Moreover, an increase in government efforts toward ensuring a clean energy economy and rising investments in power transmission infrastructure propels the growth of the glass insulators market.
  • North America holds the second largest share of the glass insulators market due to replacement and refurbishment of existing infrastructure, which is a major requirement in the local power T&D scenario.
  • The glass insulators market in Europe is expected to expand at a substantial rate during the forecast period due to smart grid technologies gaining momentum, particularly among European Union (EU) countries. On the other hand, the market in Middle East & Africa and South America is estimated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period.

Key Players Operating in the Global Glass Insulators Market

The global glass insulators market was highly fragmented in 2019. Major players operating in the global market are focusing on technological advancement and expansion to meet the rising demand for glass insulators. Moreover, manufacturers are undertaking mergers and acquisitions for the development of innovative products.

Key players operating in the global glass insulators market are listed below:

  • Lapp Insulators
  • ABB
  • Lviv Insulator Company
  • Seves Group
  • Hubbell
  • MacLean Power Systems
  • Victor Insulators
  • Sediver
  • GAMMA Insulator
  • Verescence La Granja Insulators
  • Global Insulator Group
  • Nanjing Electric
  • JSC U.M.E.K.
  • TE Connectivity
  • Others

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Global Glass Insulators Market: Research Scope

Global Glass Insulators Market, by Type

  • Standard Type
  • Fog Type

Global Glass Insulators Market, by Application

  • Low Voltage Line
  • Medium Voltage Range
  • High Voltage Line
  • Power Plants, Substations
  • Others

Global Glass Insulators Market, by End-use

  • Residential
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Utilities
Glass Insulators Market

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